Blue Sky and Deeper Ocean

We lay on a path only one travels,
under comets that speak in–and to silence,
commenting and reflecting on heaven,
between blue sky and deeper ocean.

Always lit, but never alighting or/
yet inspiring fear as we’re burning–
consuming darkness, illuminating
stars yet to fall from winter clarity.

A lone sun’s journey is finite,
changing with day, age and seasons–ending…
in a frozen heart of yearning to be
aroused by touch and warmth of another.

Two halves quartered in orbit gravity,
with coupled minds sharing same bodies,
listening and speaking with touch and tongue
of silent words from labored breathing.

Ice melts between bare skin of lovers
becoming that from which life began,
beginning a new more perfect union,
of vast blue sky and deeper ocean.

Daniel Mick

November 10-12, 2007
Copyright Daniel Mick 2007


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