Saving the Labour Movement

Recently, corporate power has become so strong that it is politically incorrect for politicians to be openly associated with labour unions. This must change if unions are to get the support of non-union citizens needed to fight off corporatism.

Let me begin by saying that I am absolutely a capitalist–and therefore I support unions. That may sound strange to some on the right, but based on the theories of capitalism, and its highest value of competition, employees have every right to bargain the same way that the employer and shareholders do–united.

Our existence relies on the concept of balance. Without balance, our universe, our ecosystems, and civilization would collapse. This concept is supported by science, philosophy and religions–Eastern and Western.

Corporations wield power beyond the comprehension of the average person. To balance this force, another strong force is needed, without which our society will collapse. That force is the solidarity of Labour. It is the solidarity of people like us that creates and preserves our freedom. It is solidarity that raises the wages of working people to a level of respect. It is solidarity that is needed in these times of economic and environmental peril.

My life has been transformed by the Labour movement. Though I am intelligent and talented, I have struggled as most have to make ends meet. It was only when I became a Teamster that my life was transformed. I owe everything I have–my financial security, hopes and dreams to Labour and the people that braved barricades and bats to fight for fairness.

When I received my union membership card, a feeling came over me that I didn’t expect. It was relief. For the first time in my life I had someone–a whole group of people–who dedicated their lives to making mine better. For the first time, I was on par with my employer. For the first time I felt what it was to be powerful. For the first time in my life I was not alone.

I hope you can one day you can be as proud as I am to be a voal part of the Labour movement.


2 responses to “Saving the Labour Movement

  1. Unions are fucking criminal organizations, like the mafia, and they should all be thrown in jail — including you if you support them.

  2. thequantumbuddha

    Criminal in what way Werner?

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