The Purpose of Pets

So many of us go through life looking for something. Often, we don’t know what we are looking for. More often, we don’t even know that we are looking for anything.

We fill our lives with activities. We fill our bodies with chemical distractions from drugs, food, pharmaceuticals and sex. We fill our homes with more junk than our neighbors. Then we forget that we once had a purpose.

Pets give us a feeling of purpose. They give us something to take of. There was a time when we took care of our neighbors, we took care of our seniors, we took care of our environment. Now we fill one bowl with water and another with food and we feel like we have a purpose.

Thousands of our neighbors can’t fill their food bowls. Millions around the world can’t fill their water bowls. But we fill ours–full of false purpose.

No matter how much I love my cat, sometimes I still feel empty.


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