Vote for Sharon? Anyone?

Acting Executive Director of the Green Party of Canada is in a huff over my formal request for Sharon Labchuk to resign. She sent this message to the Federal Council:

“Please ignore this bs coming from Dan Mick. His comments are not based in fact and therefore completely without relevance. Responding will only encourage a continuation of this approach which Dan is not alone in pursuing.
Thank you.
Maureen Murphy”

My reply was:

Maureen, what have I said that is not factual? Please do not attempt to silence differing opinions with veiled profanity and libelous statements that do not include any facts themselves.”

Her next reply was a little more cordial:

… Staffing decisions are not made this way at the GPC. Nor will they ever be.
Thank you for your comments, but they have little relevance as previously stated.”

So I brought out the big guns of logic:

” Councilors,

I am yet again surprised that while there has been a sudden increase in hits on my blog calling for Sharon to resign, the vote is now 24-1 in favor of her removal. If Sharon has so much support on Council and among members, why don’t those supporters go to my blog and vote in support of her? Out of 171 viewers, only one has voted to support her? That has “relevance”, Maureen.

I ask that you all vote in the anonymous poll at the link (below), and we will see the result shortly

Dan Mick”

If staffing decisions are “not made this way”–which means in a way that is accountable to members–how are they made? If I am “not alone in pursuing (the removal of Sharon Labchuk)” shouldn’t that count for something? Who elected Maureen to trump the desires of the vast majority of the GPC membership?

I anxiously await the inevitable removal of Sharon Labchuk and the growth that Greens will see shortly after…


9 responses to “Vote for Sharon? Anyone?

  1. thequantumbuddha

    I think Sharon voted for herself…

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  3. thequantumbuddha

    The vote is, so far:
    29 for Sharon to step down
    6 for her to stay on

    Are members in charge or are Sharon’s friends in charge?

  4. bluegreenblogger

    I agree with you that Sharon should never have been hired for this job. Frankly though, this was a reward for loyal service to Elizabeth, and Sharon did work very hard during the leadership race. She recruited a pretty impressive number of new members, probably more than anybody else ever has.
    That doesn’t mean that she’s an organiser though. I would characterise her as a disorganiser.
    Maureen is right that staffing decisions aren’t, and probably shouldn’t be made this way. The GPC has factions, and some pretty vitriolic factions, as does any political organiszation. You do need some degree of stability and hiring by plebiscite is not the way. Your’ poll is good though, because there is truth there, and those who do the hiring should know that ultimately the decisions do come in for scrutiny. Loyalty to the leader is NOT in and of itself a neccesary and sufficient condition for making a hire. Competence should be scrutinised, and consequences will follow.
    In other words, it’s a nice informal mechanism.

  5. Maureen’s response, which is entirely inappropriate and indicates clearly that she has other opinions of Dan Mick which she is expressing to Council privately, and that she is unwilling to reveal whatever facts she thinks he has wrong, is entirely inappropriate for an ED.

    It reads like nonsense from the Wayne Crookes / Debbie Hartley era. Do some web searches on them to see how that turned out.

    Maureen does Sharon no favours by responding to concerns about staff performance like this. By providing no channels for complaints about staff performance, the GPC virtually guarantees that such complaints will spread all over the net without any controls on accuracy or relevance.

    Has the GPC ever had a competent ED? This is the wrong structure and even David Scrymgeour who originally suggested it has renounced it.

  6. Good job Dan….

    well as someone beaten up and libeled and even now suing the green party…… yes…while I myself wait to see if I in fact may have even won a green council seat ………support Dan Mick and all his efforts

    we the members have only ourselves to blame for this last election
    Dan , myself and other standing up is not a bad thing in fact it is what created the green party

    those of you who don’t see the point are not looking past personalities or really seeing what has happened

    I will be doing my best to remove the cancer of this party and to restore its true path……I am not even concerned with the likes of those with comments like above.

    the convention should be a chance to regain our roots or if I fail a chance to continue to our certain death as a party….we shall see

    but people like Dan here would be included instantly if I am successful in my plans for the greens……with out a doubt!!

    you others???…show us your plans or shut up!

    John Shavluk
    Newton North Delta,BC

  7. bluegreenblogger

    That’s how I would go about winning support. Tell everybody you don’t care about their opinions, then tell them to show their plans or shut up.
    John, I suspect you need to learn a bit about the political art of gentle persuasion. If you are willing to listen to advice, I have been active in the past with the GPC. I have watched while otherwise competent people have torpedoed themselves by blowing their cool. This is politics. Keep your temper, ask people for their advice. Be a voice of reason. That is how you gain support.
    If you prefer, I will not show you my plans, and shut up.

  8. No… all means…I am all ears….lets hear it?

    But if mere words are too much for your sense of political correctness …..I am ok with not attracting all…look at what harper does with 37%
    I know many loved my being taken out as a green candidate…even if and actually innocent of their reasons…..I know my issue brings up some peoples sense of morality(or lack) and their fears and prejudices.

    I am no one in the grand scheme of things except someone who will fight back and its been proven so my view isn’t very important outside of any members…….yet!

    I have no intention of ever pretending to be anything other than what I really am …a good person.

    And if my thoughts don’t jive with yours well so be it……I can not please everyone.

    I do however promise with all my heart and soul to be good to my word and principles and would never destroy one of you like all of you watched them do to me…..or try as they left my 17 year battle to clear my name dead on the highway in 500 newspapers for my grand kids to google when they check their names(as I found)…….15000 google media reports saying the same conjured lies !!!

    yes I am passionate and yes I am blunt(jail as an innocent man syndrome hahhaha)(hey it works for the cops…””in custody death syndrome “”remember LOL)

    lets hear your plans or I guess I will just concede that we lost you……in my plan we win you back LOL


  9. Hello,
    Why do we need and Executive Director
    in the first place? No one places any responsibility; nor queries the travesties caused by the past ED Jim MacDonald- who did some hiring- and whose ‘entitled ‘ young son is still on the GPC payroll.


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