Against All Things: Marxism and Evangelicalism

Like most, I dream Utopian visions of a world without hunger and poverty, war or violence, hatred or anger. But it is only a dream, as it is an inherently flawed statement, because it is “anti”. Consider: you can not live in the building you destroy, but only take refuge in the ruble. To live in a superior building–or a superior way–you must build.

So many contemporary ideologically based movements fail by losing focus of what they want and concentrate instead on removing their opposition by focusing on what they don’t want. Many socialists are against corporations, tax breaks for the rich, and any individual or institution that challenges their power. Many Evangelical Christians are against gays, abortions, state-welfare, and any individual that challenges their power.

It is not the application of laws that will bring about the world that we all crave–though have not seen. Our collective values determine the course and position of every society, every institution, and every individual. It is not the application of law, since our laws come from those guided by values.

You can make laws about sharing. You can make laws about marriage. You can make many laws that attempt to build something great by destroying something lesser.

A marxist society fails in that it attempts to regulate every action to be fair, equal, similar, and just. Who makes these laws?

An Evangelical theocracy fails in that it attempts to regulate sin and make people go to heaven–to utopia. But who enforces these laws?

As long as people have built their lives around greed, hatred, and all things divisive and selfish, people will only cower in the ruble of these values. No priests or politicians with these values will ever build anything by pointing the finger at those that break their laws. Laws fill prisons–not heaven. Destruction feeds ego–not people.

I can see utopia. It is a world built on the values within us.


3 responses to “Against All Things: Marxism and Evangelicalism

  1. There is no Utopia in God’s creation. The marvel of creation alone speaks of His power and awesomeness. If you don’t believe me, read my last post on

    Christians, whether Evangelical or not, should be sharing Jesus’ message about Grace and not Law.

    Thank you for allowing me to comment on your blog.

    Take care,


  2. Greetings!

    It is the marriage of Evangelicalism and political ideology (whether right or left) that is the problem you describe, at least as I see it. The Christian faith is actually quite positive: preach and teach and love and win hearts and pursue God. Of course, there are the don’t in our message as well, but the thrust of Scripture as it relates to human activity and behavior is “resist evil while pursuing the good”, so to speak.

    While I am both a political conservative and an Evangelical Christian, I resist letting my political convictions drive my theology. Rather, I am attempting to live in a way where my theology drives my political convictions instead. I don’t wind up looking purely like any particular ideology or party that way, but rather am attempting to express the values of God’s Kingdom – which will often be at odds with human constructs.

    In the early days of the Christian Church, believers focused on winning people rather than arguments – and we got a lot more done that way.

    Not that things don’t have to be argued from time to time, but rather that the focus of one’s activity is better directed in building. I appreciated your thoughts in that respect.

    If you want to interact with me, I actually do not check my WordPress blog that often. You can visit


  3. Oh – regarding your question about my Communism post…

    Communism is inherently flawed in at least two major ways: One is that it factors out human nature – not everybody wants to share or be equal, which leads to the other flaw: Communism FORCES people to not own things, specifically because people do not naturally lean towards not owning things.

    The beauty of Capitalism, despite its obvious flaws, is that people don’t have to be forced to practice it.

    As long as human nature exists, Communism can only make advances by force, and thus the kinds of stories like the one I posted.

    Thanks for stopping by!

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