The Heartbreak of Politics

I had a flash while my tea was brewing that has given me an new perspective on my continued political involvement.

I was wondering why I often choose solitude. I have formed few strong bonds with anyone in my life. I choose between the dull pain of loneliness and the wrenching pain of rejection or betrayal. All I know of human relationships is seen from a permanently broken heart.

People tend to get stuck in patterns of behavior. I have often wondered why I continue to be involved in politics even though it is so heartbreaking… it is all I know.


One response to “The Heartbreak of Politics

  1. Heartbreak implies passion and passion for a hobby (or in some cases, a profession) is a very good thing.

    Those of us who get engaged with politics know that there will be highs and lows. The reason we don’t quit when we hit the lows is the passion we have for “the game” still remains.

    Keep your head up Dan…. good things are coming.

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