The Ron Paul Difference

Dr. Ron Paul, in his bid for the Republican presidential nomination, caused a stir by raising 20 million dollars in the last quarter of 2007 (More than any other Republican), set the record for the most money raised in a single day by any Republican Presidential candidate in history, and the most money from internet donations in a day by any candidate ever. And he did it with only 7% support among Republicans.

How could this happen? Seriously… how?

Ron Paul became a hero to many for having the wisdom and courage to oppose the so-called “Patriot Act” and the Iraq War. I first began reading about Ron Paul on the libertarian website many years ago.

Ron Paul has won over millions of Americans and people around the world by applying consistent values and philosophy that remind real patriots what American was founder on–and for.

His voting record has set him apart from other member of congress proving his commitment to honest small government. His often lonely battle against clandestine special interest groups is an inspiration to those that struggle for freedom.

The Republican Party in in disarray after losing the House, the Senate, and the White House to the Democrats. They would be wise to come back in 2012 with Ron Paul as the Republican nominee to challenge Barack Obama.

Paul’s long and distinguished service to both his community and the country show us all that the keys to political success are integrity and honesty. So why are people like Ron Paul so rare in politics?


One response to “The Ron Paul Difference

  1. Great post. I love Ron Paul, although I only learned of him recently. I saw some of his speeches on youtube and it floored me. How could someone have so much sense, so much integrity? You look at the bullshit Stephen Harper and Gordon Campbell is spewing and then you look at Ron Paul and it’s like night and day!

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