Rick Mercer’s Rant

“We are a parliamentary democracy and that system has served us well for 141 years, but clearly, we’ve fallen asleep at the wheel, and if we want to protect our democracy, we have an obligation to wake up and get informed, because quite frankly, our Members of Parliament can’t be trusted with it anymore.” ~Rick Mercer

Our political system is not failing–our politicians and political parties have failed.  We have put our faith in hypocritical leaders that promise the farm and deliver nothing but dirt.

Parliament needs to empower individual members to encourage involvement of independents that can break the partisan gridlock that paralyzes meaningful debate.  A handful of independents with the ability to speak in parliament, and vote in the best interests of their constituents can be an example to Canadians of what politics could be like without special interests dominating the debate.  This would  help keep all the parties honest.


2 responses to “Rick Mercer’s Rant

  1. thequantumbuddha

    I watched the whole episode and thought it was funnier than any Colbert Report I had ever seen.

  2. This Rant belongs on The National, eh?

    Watch yer back, Rex Murphy.

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