What’s Wrong With Politics? Part 5: Mass (Media) Ignorance

At no time in history has so much knowledge been so accessible to the people. The internet is a prime example with access the wikipedia, blogs and the Gutenberg Library which allows the user to download 27,000 classic public domain books–for free.

Ignorance is the source of contradictions and our society has plenty of both. We can harness the power of the sun in a thermal-nuclear bomb but many still believe we cannot possibly be effecting the climate of the earth. With all our knowledge, we think happiness is measured by our wealth, food comes from stores, and meat from packages. We think our G_d is not their G_d. I wonder if many people think at all.

The systems we have set up to inform, guide and teach have been corrupted by the zeitgeist–the spirit of the dime. Money is our means and end. Material wealth is what is now worshiped. It is the sum of our knowledge.

Our education system no longer teaches us to understand our place in the world. It teaches us how to make money. Our media does not inform us of what we need to know. Media informs us of what we “need”. Our parents are too busy making money to buy us the material life they never had–nor needed.

I find it curious that the news is on at the very time when most family’s are reunited after their workday. Instead of communicating with each other, they sit and numb their minds with tales of vicious sex crimes on the other side of the world, and somehow we feel disconnected from one another. And the void only grows larger during the commercial break.

If media portrays itself as truthful, then they have a duty to do more than sell advertising while entertaining us. With so much of our culture in their hands, we must ensure that those hands are clean and free from undue influence of groups with a vested interest in our ignorance. The egoism of corporations cannot be allowed to become the dominant value system of our culture and generation.

The media has the mentality of an abuser and we have the mentality of the abused. We know that mass media is not accurate, truthful or beneficial. We know that politicians are liars. We know corporations will steal, murder and rape our earth yet we continue to turn back to them for what we think need. It is time to break the cycle of dependence to willful ignorance for our mental health. It is time to take back our world. On Monday, I’ll tell you how.

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3 responses to “What’s Wrong With Politics? Part 5: Mass (Media) Ignorance

  1. We can harness the power of the sun in a thermal-nuclear bomb but many still believe we cannot possibly be effecting the climate of the earth.

    Excellent. Nice post.

    Another thing, on the disconnection with the people around us: I recently went to stay with friends, with the assumption I’d stay with them for the whole winter, mostly because I was feeling lonely. After 3 weeks I realized I was just as lonely at their place as I was anywhere else. Most nights there would be a 3-6 hour span of time in which we’d hang out, but by “hang out” I simply mean we’d watch TV. So I decided I’d go somewhere else because this wasn’t helping me build any bonds. I was happier with them as friends when I’d only see them every few weeks.

  2. thequantumbuddha


    Thanks for the response. As a culture, we have replaced human contact with electronic communications. We used to talk to each other for free. Now we send a text message or e-mail. We date on the internet. We need to unplug and talk to each other about our dreams, fears, goals–real things.

    Keep it real, Tony

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