What’s Wrong With Politics? Part 6: A “True” Solution

Many of our values and assumptions about our shared world are false. They are based of a web of delusion supported by deception.

We have no sense of our undeniable and inescapable responsibilities. We falsely believe that we are separate from each other and all living beings. We are not adversaries to the degree that our actions and attitudes indicate.

Sun Tzu’s The Art of War states: “Warfare is the Toa of deception”–the way of deception. It appears that the master of warfare knows that the truth will set us free.

Every crime, every social or environmental injustice, every war, and every failure of society, has lack of truth at its core. No policy, plan or procedure, idea, ideology or individual will fix our world as long as dishonesty and delusion continue to dominate our discussions and values.

Government is here to give that which we require but cannot achieve by voluntary participation. The greatest gift that we could give ourselves and our children is a world of truth. This will separate those who work for us from those work for clandestine interests.

It is time that the criminal code be amended to require all political entities to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth in official, non-official, public and private communications on any issue directly related to policy, politics, or government business. We have always demanded that–but rarely received it.

Those bound by this law would include Members of Parliament, provincial legislative assemblies, city councils, candidates for political office, party officials, think-tanks, lobbyists–and the media–which has a stranglehold on our political system. In short, every citizen, if speaking on a political issue, would be required to be honest, bound by laws similar to those for perjury in a court of law.

The most sacred oath is the one we all take before G_d, each other, and all living things. I pledge to work on the side of truth.
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Part 6: A “True” Solution


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