Rise of the Green Tories

With torture-loving, Iraq war favoring American Michael Ignatieff being Leader of the Liberal Party, we now have two conservative parties–neither of which are fiscally responsible. We have gotten stuck with the bad parts of conservatism, but none of the good parts–wtf?

Stephen Harper has traded conservatism for power. Michael Ignatieff moved back to Canada after a 30 year absence in an attempt to become Prime Minister. Then Iggy voted for the worst budget in Canadian history because he thinks it gives him a better chance in the next election.

With a 80 billion dollar deficit over the next few years, who can Canadians turn to for “progressive” yet “conservative” fiscal policies? How about the party made up of one third ex-Progressive Conservatives? (It’s called the Green Party)

The only party that thinks generations ahead and acknowledges the financial ramifications of industrialized society’s war against the environment is superbly suited to help guide the economic policies of Canada. It is time for a government with a vision and not just a lust for power or a bone to pick with the power structure.

The Green Party may be our only hope… Listen to GPC Leader Elizabeth May make sense out of the budget here. For my thoughts on the “economic crisis” see here.


One response to “Rise of the Green Tories

  1. bluegreenblogger

    Absolutely! I was outraged at this sorry excuse for a budget. If you simply must spend our future earnings, at least it could have been prudently invested in programs that will actually show a long term return. I won’t rant about each individual, vacuous multi-billion dollar throwaway. It would have been so easy to invest in energy efficiency for example. Capital investments that will yield both a financial, and social return for generations to come. A decade of belt tightening thrown out the bloody window by our so-called Conservative Government.

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