Valentine’s Incorporated

Valentine’s Day is a day to commemorate romantic love with purchases:

Roses are a popular symbol of love that loses its symbolism unless they are given in multiples of twelve; if a dozen is mandatory then two-dozen must mean you love them twice as much–or have twice the credit limit. What’s in a dozen? That which we call a rose by any other quantity would smell as sweet.

Chocolate is a great topping for ice cream and your partner ; ) and it contains a chemical that SIMULATES the feeling of being in love.

Diamonds “are forever” in that it takes centuries (and pressure) to form useless carbon glass, and decades to pay off.

Nothing says, “Our relationship is based on sex” more than tiny undies that are worn for less time than you, or they, flipped through the catalog.

Valentine’s Day has been stolen by corporations and infected our society. It is a negative day–one where simulations and symbols of love take the place of the real thing and we are obliged to conform, or else be accused of being uncaring and unloving.

Valentine’s Day does not bring people closer. It separates us by creating a fake feeling of love on only one day–instead of real love all days. If your partner comes home after slaving all day, why not say, “Let’s order pizza and go to bed early–and don’t worry, consumerism gives me a headache too”?

Romance can be defined as: “an exciting, enjoyable love affair, especially one that is not serious or long-lasting.” I don’t need to tell you the definition of love, or how it is different from “romance”. Do you want to be romanced today? or do you want to be loved everyday? You partner wants the same thing.

Have a normal day on Valentine’s Day–one like everyday. If you truly love your partner, then there will be nothing missing from this day. Love is 24/7/365–not dinner at 8:00 on the 14th or something you buy in a store.

Happy Valentine’s Inc. Day



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