NDP Become the Liberals, Liberals Become Conservatives, Conservatives Become NDP, Greens Applaud

It is odd to see America moving left while the the federal Liberals, led by Michael “Torturing Tar Sands” Ignatieff, move to the right of Stephen Harper.  Harper went on CNN recently and said what the NDP has been saying for years, that the insurgency in Afganistan can not be defeated militarily.

Now, both provincially and federally, the NDP are attempting to move to the center, by moving some policies all the way to the right.   WTF is going on?

The NDP is trying desperately to become a “law and order” party, hoping to scoop up undecided voters that often respond to the crime issue.  But will it work?  It is difficult for me to believe that the NDP will differentiate themselves by saying the exact same things as the Liberals and Conservatives.

Both Jack Layton and Carole James are walking away from progressive policies and should be careful not to lose the idealist vote, or progressive non-union voters.  Does the NDP have any credibility as “tough on crime”?  No, they are they better to stick with good progressive policies like ending prohibition and concentrating on harm-reduction, drug treatment, and reducing poverty.

The NDP will undoubtably lose some of its base by being “tough on crime”.  The federal “Conservative” budget, that looks like a BC NDP budget, could cost the CPC some of their base. The pro-war, pro-torture, pro-tar sands stance of Michael Ignatieff will cost the Liberals some of their base.  As the second choice of voters of all parties, maybe the Greens will finally get their breakthrough when the Canadian people see that the dominant ideology of all the old-line parties is “give me power”.

One reason for the success of the Conservative Party of Canada is that there was a united right, with three other parties fighting over the left.  Now three parties are fighting over the center…


2 responses to “NDP Become the Liberals, Liberals Become Conservatives, Conservatives Become NDP, Greens Applaud

  1. It makes more sense to me now that you’ve drawn a map.
    If the Greens stick to our principles, the public may notice that we are the still point in the middle of it all.

  2. thequantumbuddha

    The keys to Green Party Success:

    Science/research/logic based policy

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