420 Smells Like Freedom

On 4/20/08 at 4:20 I was at the Vancouver Art Gallery. I was disappointed to see so many kids that see 4/20 as a novelty–just another party–and that have no concept of what it means to smoke weed in public–let alone in front of the police–in our world.

There are few places on this earth that allow this defiance. While I rarely smoke weed any more, on 4/20 I feel a solemn sense of pride while I smoke, and believe it is my duty, as a positive contributing member of what could be a great society, to fight for the liberty of people around the world on this day, by living MY life, in MY city, in MY country–the way I choose.

4/20 is about freedom. 4/20 is telling the government that they have NO RIGHT to tell us what we can and can not smoke. 4/20 is about our basic rights as individuals. We must keep up the fight for these rights or risk losing others in an age of increasingly dark neoconservative/fascist domination of our society and personal lives.

This 420, let’s light it up for freedom! (And fun)


2 responses to “420 Smells Like Freedom

  1. I couldn’t agree more. As an adult if we make the personal choice to smoke weed, that, in no way infringes on anyone else’s rights or freedoms.

  2. I totally appreciate 4/20 as a day when all the stoners come together to share and enjoy each other’s company. http://stonerdiary.wordpress.com

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