Grab This!

Ray Lam, the BC NDP candidate for Vancouver False Creek, has resigned.  Did he embezzle funds?  Break an election promise?  Lie to the voters?  Support an illegal war?  Sell the Province to Americans?  Drink and drive in Maui?  Nope, its even worse–he grabbed a boob in a photo.  = O  omg…  Seriously, where is the scandal?

Mary Mcneil (McNeil), the self-serving BC Liberal politician that can’t even spell her own name correctly in the title of her official campaign page, calls the pictures “offensive and demeaning.”  Really?  Are you offended?   We should all ask ourselves what is worse, a candidate that can’t spell her own name or someone who’s facebook profile shows that they are just like us?

Most of the people I know under 30 have a boob grabbing or sex-simulation picture on the net (or even the real thing)  Do we not count?  Are we not eligible to take part in the political process?  I call on everyone who has ever grabbed a boob, or posted an awesome party pic on the net, to fill Mary’s inbox ( with “inappropriate” pics (Keep ‘em legal).  Some suggestions for the subject line are “Grab this!” or “The Full McNeily”.

Ray resigned claiming he “stepped down because he does not want to be a distraction in the election.”  The question is: why do the media outlets that have reported on this story want to distract us from the issues?

The fact that the media isn’t showing these pics to us should be an indication that they are not all that offensive.  Shame on the media for pretending this is (national) news, and shame on Carole James for forcing and accepting Lam’s resignation.  Grow a pair Carole! (then post a pic of someone grabbing them to prove it!)

Ultimately, the BC Liberals and the NDP have both said to the voters of Vancouver False Creek that the most important issue they are concerned with is boob grabbing and smearing their opponents.  If residents were polled before this non-news story broke, ZERO respondents would have placed boob grabbing or smearing for political advantage at the top of their list of election issues.  The Liberals and NDP have both made a major blunder by alienating a huge portion of Generation Y and most of Generation X across the province.

This BS is another reason why I am voting Green and Yes to STV.  Another reason to vote Green in Vancouver-False Creek is the outstanding business savy candidate and Green Party of BC Deputy Leader Damian Kettlewell.


6 responses to “Grab This!

  1. I’ve known Ray for a while and really think the NDP should keep him in the running. Compared to the scandals which they dug up during the US election, a posed photo like this does not even compare.

  2. good lord! the only thing wrong with that picture is how ugly that girl is. Though Ray’s taste in women is very suspect, that picture barely hits 1 on the scandal scale.


  3. To quote Mary McNeil (from the Province):

    “While I don’t think they’re offensive, they do show poor judgment and inexperience.”

    Where is her direct quote saying that she finds it “offensive and demeaning”? I’ve found only the opposite.

  4. thequantumbuddha

    Hi, Kate. The quote is link in the post but not a clear reference. Here is the link to the Vancouver Sun

  5. Ray created a web 2.0 response to this whole thing because of all the media spin and misinformation around his resignation.

    His statement on the home page is…unbelievable tame, and he writes about the whole incident in a blog, which is actually pretty interesting.

    Give it a read:

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