BC is a Democracy?

Since when?  Oh, you mean that if STV passes then there will be democracy?  The NDP?  You mean those lying bastards that made BC’s economy the worst in the country while they handed out millions of taxpayers dollars for “consulting” to the family members of Union bigwigs?  That is not a choice…

On May 12, I am voting for change.  I’m voting for honesty.  I’m voting for the next generation.  I’m voting for a government of the people and for the people.

I will not use my vote to tell the Liberals it is okay to sell the province to Americans for not-so-magic beans, or gut social programs today that will create expensive social problems tomorrow.  I will not vote for poverty and crime and failed policies like prohibition.

I will not tell the NDP it is okay to lie about a carbon tax, STV, or the 1996 and 1997 budgets by giving them my support.  I will not vote for fiascos like the Fast Ferries.

Voting for the Liberals or NDP validates their leadership and encourages more of the same.  Tomorrow, British Columbians will have a choice to vote for a party that has lied, cheated, sold out our Province to special interests, and proven their total incompetance–or vote Green.  Unfortunately, polls do not show a Green victory as likely, but I will not throw away my vote on the BC Liberals or NDP.  I hope you won’t either.

Vote Green.  Vote Yes to STV.  Pray.


One response to “BC is a Democracy?

  1. Rory Rickwood

    A Two-Vote Electoral System Proposed

    The need for electoral reform resonated with me. While the Single Transferable Vote concept was not acceptable to BC Voters, I believe it would be a mistake to give up on electoral reform. I believe first-past-the-post voting system is wrong because it allows disenfranchisement and encourages voter apathy.

    I would support a simpler electoral reform, such as a Two-Vote electoral system. The province would be divided into 43 constituencies which would elect two representatives. The ballot would allow a Voter to choose their top candidate using the traditional “first-past-the-post” method, and allow a second vote for Voter’s alternative choice of a political party or identified independents. Simple rule, between your two votes, you can’t vote for the same party twice (unless you wish to register an abstention).

    This simple binary voting system would not be as perfect as STV, but would result in a legislature that is more representative. Knowing you have two representatives to choose from in your constituency would encourage greater voter turnout because their votes would matter and result in increased representation.

    Could you support simpler Two-Vote electoral system?

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