Am I the Only One…?

Am I the only one who thinks after the catastrophic failure of STV, and the exact same result as last election (except the Greens did worse)… that maybe the progressive movement in BC and Canada should… like… do something different?

In no other decade would Gordo have three-peated.  Pretending that nothing is wrong is a recipe for failure.

Soooooo does anyone got any ideas?  (Cause no one ever likes mine)

Then Blog it!

The list of politicians that I like is very short.  There are more that I support, but these ones are the cream of the crop in my opinion, all for very different reasons.  I hope these leaders will post the long version of their vision for politics in their blogs or the comment section.

Andrea Reimer The genius that thinks that MMP will pass next election must have a hell of a plan up her sleave…

Drina Read:  I love you, Drina.  What do we need to do as a society right now?

Garth Turner:  One day I will be amoung a select crowd chanting your name before a leadership vote.  So how do we get from here to sustainability?

Marc Emery: Any predictions before being shipped off to a US prison?

Matthew Good:  Your blog rocks.  Help us out.  These politicians have been drinking their own Kool-Aid for years.  Give it to us straight, wtf do we do?

Michael Wolfe:  Fuck political parties–how do we get people like you elected?


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