Courage and Hopelessness

In my last post, Sex and Intimacy, I referenced a statement from the movie Revolutionary Road, which was about two people looking for meaning in their lives.  I think this requires more context to be understood.

The two main characters meet a mathematician that is said to have mental health issues, partly because of his outlook on life.  Leonardo DiCaprio’s, character comments to him that he and his wife (Kate Winslet) are moving to Paris to escape the “emptiness and hopelessness”.  At that point, the mathematician responds with, (I am doing this from memory) “Anyone can see the emptiness, but it takes courage to see the hopelessness.”

I have found that only once we discover for ourselves that life is completely empty, meaningless and hopeless, can we take the courageous step of abandoning the path that others have set us on, and choose our own destiny and way of living.  Before this, we live someone else’s life.  After, we live for the first time the life of our choosing, with whatever meaning we see fit.  The courage to see the hopelessness is the birth of freedom and happiness.


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