Michael Jackson Murdered

Michael Jackson, who requires no introduction, is dead at age 50.  The cause of death has not been officially released, but my gut is telling me that such a skinny guy didn’t have a heart attack from too many cheezeburgers…

Suicide, overdose, and stress are all evidence of murder by media.  Two unsubstantiated allegations where every complaintant and witness wanted and/or recieved a substantial financial reward, was all the media needed to make millions destroying his life.  Shame on them–every reporter, news anchor, editor, shareholder, and photographer that ever made a dime off of reporting the guilt of a man that was innocent until proven guilty in a court of law by a jury of his peers–of which there are none.

The attack on Michael Jackson was so severe, he lost nearly everything he had.  It became politically incorrect to support a “child molester” that had been convicted in the media, and his massive music empire was destroyed overnight while the media got rich.  I always knew that people who would never admit to being a fan would only be able to openly recongnize his greatness in death.

His story was truly epic.  The legend of Michael Jackson began as a rags to riches story, morphed into a coming-of-age crowning of a king, who was villified by the greatest villians in our world today.  But in the end, the story of Michael Jackson will be known as a tragedy.

How can we say that we live in a free society when the media can get away with open character assassination and murder?


3 responses to “Michael Jackson Murdered

  1. Thank God Billy mays sacrificed to get that homo Jackson out of the headlines. He was another selfish self centered deadbeat who didnt even pay his bills. Remember this piece of crap fired ALL the neverland workers after he was aquited and didnt even give them ANY severance. Thats his true color.. cheap selfish looser

  2. thequantumbuddha

    Wow. “homo”?

    Remember… Poop Sack… he couldn’t pay his bills partly becuase the media destroyed his career.

  3. Hmm.. just came by this and maybe it’s a bit late to comment but i just can’t help myself.

    You sound uneducated and ignorant… the worst combination. That’s alright… I’m not here to judge you, Poop Sack, I’m just here to help learn you.

    The selfish loser (errr… “looser”) you refer to, actually made the Guinness World Records for supporting the most charities. That’s right, Poop Sack, no other star supports more charities than Michael Jackson… it is estimated that he has given over $500 million dollars to charity during his lifetime (Millenium Issue, Guinness World Records). As well, Poop Sack, this deadbeat has made historical contributions to dance and music…. in fact, he holds the Guinness World Record for the most holding the most Guinness World Records. Not sure how you can do that by sitting on your ass all day.

    And c’mon, Poop Sack…. “homo”? Is it still cool to call people that? I suppose, if you live in the trailer park.

    Anyway, I can understand that people are numbed from hearing so much press coverage… but *sigh* it’s just unbelievably frustrating how disrespectful and ignorant some people are. I guess when you say “free speech” the stoooopids want to come out to play too… lol.

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