Sex 5,000

Wow, 5,000 hits exactly.  I knew it was coming but I wasn’t watching too close.  I have unplugged for a bit.  It’s cool to see the exact number 5000.  I guess someone must be reading this…

In other news, I have noticed that putting “sex” in the title is a great way to get traffic to the site.

I haven’t written in a bit because I am unsure what to say.  I don’t want to let my ego blather on about garbage.  These blog posts are the things I am inspired to say.

There are a few ideas that perplex me under examination.

Jealousy:  Let’s break this down.  You love someone, so you prohibit them from experiencing pleasurable sex with others… wtf?  That doesn’t make sense to me.  Shouldn’t we want our partners to be… entirely fulfilled?  Yet jealousy is so universally accepted.

What about sex itself?  Sex is fun.  Sex is more than natural.  Our bodies are built to have sex and our better maintained if we have sex.  Sex builds our core muscles.  Sex works our hearts.

Sex is beneficial to body and mind.  Sex brings people together.  Sex promotes long-term honesty.  Did I mention sex is fun?

Yet I had come to a conclusion that sex was something to avoid with anyone but the Philosopher Princess herself…, though, how am I supposed to even recognize her until I verify that she is the sexy nymphomaniac I picture her to be?  Experimentation is unavoidable.  Hmmmm…

I am also working on a bit about purpose.  I can’t keep it focussed.  There is so much to do and to consider.  I have written a lot, started several posts, but I get distracted by something unknown.  When finished it should shed light on my peculiar approach.  I don’t want to publish anything that isn’t oozing truth.

If you enjoy reading this, bookmark the front page, or join the facebook group The Quantum Buddha’s Blog and invite your friends, or subscribe to the RSS feed, that way I won’t have to put the word “sex” in the title of every post.


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