Protesting Against the Olympic Protesters

I know many people that were not in favor the 2010 Olympic Winter Games being in Vancouver.    Some have some legitimate concerns with the prioritization of funding, the awarding of contracts, or the use of foreign workers.

Some people want to protest to voice their concerns about the Olympics.  That is their right.  I hope they do so in a peaceful, professional and constructive manner.

Some people want to scream about ridiculous ideas to riot police because they like the spotlight, and it covers up that nagging sense that they don’t have a clue how to do things better, they just know shit’s wrong and that it would be better for everyone if they were in charge…

These wackos, with their relatively minor and petty concerns that get off screaming about purely local ideas to an international audience, are an embarrassing display of our proletariat.  I wish they would look around at their company and begin protesting against their own crazy ideas–far away from here.

I know that many people see the Olympics as an expense.  I remember the “Healthcare before Olympics” stickers. The bill has been paid, and debt has been accumulated, while our workforce has benefited from the economic activity.

The olympics are an investment in our future.  Vancouver will be on the international map in an age where name recognition equals prosperity.

However, branding is vital. How will shutting down streets help feed people?  How ruining the vacation experience of thousands of people save our environment?  We will all benefit from a smooth and successful Olympic Games.

Mass demonstrations–particularily violent demonstrations–also threaten our safety.  Vancouver will be one of the juiciest international terrorist targets in the world during the games.  We must allow the police and security forces all available resources to protect us against attack.  We must not endanger ourselves over these pet issues.

Some people want to protest against the response to protests that haven’t happened yet.  Any idea that we should have any kind of Seattle WTO bullshit here is absurd.  That is not productive.

What would be productive would be to have a united progressive political alternative?  Why not work towards that instead of against the Games that will–with 100% certainty–happen anyways?

In February, while we are on display, let’s show the world our best.


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