Dan Loves Gold Diggers

My crazy work schedule, which included 93 billable hours last week, has me considering money and my future.

Let’s say you have two identical twins, who even have identical personalities and experiences–except–one of them is rich, while the other one is poor.  Since they are identical in every way except financially, you are equally in love with both, but can only be with one.  Which one?  Assuming that the wealthy twin lives a balanced life, one would have to be a masochist to choose the poor twin.

It becomes more interesting for me to consider what would happen if I was one of the twins.  Now let’s say that a set of female twins, that are identical in every way are courting myself and my brother.  One of the sisters wants a rich man, the other does not.  Regardless of which brother I am, rich or poor, if I had the choice between the sisters, who should I choose as the superior mate and life partner?  Who would the Philosopher Princess choose?

I cannot fault others for wanting what I myself want–financial freedom and security.  Seeking out favorable situations and striving for success are life skills I hope my children learn well.

The issue of pregnancy excuses and validates “gold-diggers” the world over.  We all have responsibilities–which is to say that there is a cost to that which we desire.  My cost, as a man, is having to support and provide for a family the best I can.

My difficulties with this subject stem from my desire to have more than just a vagina and womb in my bed–not from a rejection of all wealth, or a rejection of those that are or would like to be wealthy.  The fact is, I myself would like to be filthy rich–stinking rich–shower me in food stamps to get rid of this smell of money, power and champaign rich–like a rap video!  Though, I do not want to exploit or lie my way to wealth.

Some say the money makes the man.  I think the man makes the money, and that means my finances (as are all things that are observable) are a reflection of me–part of me.  It would be wrong to try and separate the two.  Ultimately, I am in no position to get married and have babies right now (hence the 93 hour work week), so I withdraw my Husband Resume until such time as my market value is high enough to catch the attention of the Uberwench–the Philosopher Princess.

I hope that I can avoid becoming obsessed with money or “more”, and remember that money is a means to an end–and only an end when it destroys us.


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