Lies About Our Economic Recovery

There are several bullshit stories coming from major Canadian media regarding our economy.  We keep hearing about how well our economy is doing–or recovering–yet today I read that 40,000 more people applied for Employment Insurance in June.  At this rate, we will have doule the number of people on EI as last year at the same time.  Why are companies closing and/or laying off so many people if the economy is improving?  Hmmm… let’s look closer…

There is this particular story from the Conservative Party of Canada cheerleaders at CTV claiming that the economy is recovering.  They point to a rise in retail sales.

We are told that retail sales rose 1% in June, though they forget to mention that we are still down 4.4% from a year ago, according to Stats Canada’s own “seasonally adjusted” figures, which is the source of the raw data sited by CTV.

Not surprisingly, CTV fails to mention that the figures they use are manipulated.  Stats Can has calculated a dodgy “seasonal average” to measure against and CTV has disregarded the actual figures.  The “unadjusted” retail sales figures are actually over 1% lower than May’s numbers–not 1.0% higher.  See for yourself on Statistics Canada’s website. (It will help to hve the figure on a new tab to refer to)

“Seasonally Adjusted”

I will use the unadjusted figures unless noted otherwise.

Half of the total increase reported came from higher gasoline sales (prices).  If we take out the inflated gas prices (that certainly don’t help the economies in our wallets) the loss is even greater.

The “automotive sector” is up 210 million over May, while gasoline (which is part of this statistic) is up 243 million… meaning the automotive sectors numbers, without gasoline to inflate them, are down 33 million–not up 2.1% as CTV dishonestly claims.  The numbers are still down 10.4% from the same time last year; gotta love that Conservative Inaction Plan (almost as much as how Stephen Harper said we should all buy stock last fall as people lost tens of thousands of dollars in their investments and RRSPs as the economy crashed)

Which reminds me, we always hear how we have to vote Conservative to keep the economy strong, yet every time we elect a Conservative Government we lose hundreds of thousands of jobs… wtf?

When we look at the sectors that declined, one is very telling: “sectors that posted declines in sales were general merchandise stores…”–general merchandise stores meaning that stores that sell everything sold less… yet the media, by saying retail is up 1% (which we now know is a lie anyways) suggests that sales of everything are higher?  No way.

If you read some of the comments on the CTV site, some Conservatives, have posted comments about how thankful we should be that we have a Conservative government.  Others have illuminated the fact that this minority Government can only take credit for raising prices on things we must purchase (making our lives harder)–how some think that is a good thing is beyond my understanding, but then again, for some reason I like shit to make sense…

The comment process at CTV deserves a comment, or even its own blogpost.  I swear, the Editor, or paid Conservatives operatives with special access, “moderate” (lol) to show a manipulated public opinion.   The first few comments on any political story on CTV always have a few very deceptive and well worded Conservative opinions, and I can recognize the difference between some guy with nothing better to do and a professional communications strategist’s perfect talking points.  Also notice that the CTV story on EI recipients rising doesn’t even allow comments…  hmmm…

For our economy to improve, labour intensive industries must improve and paying at the pump doesn’t employ very many Canadians–and before you say it helps Alberta, oil prices are driving up the Canadian dollar which hurts the labour intensive manufacturing sector, and Canada as a whole.

The most incredible thing of all is how a Security Guard is informing you of the facts while the “experts” with all their titles and degrees lie to keep Stephen Harper’s incompetent government alive, and our economy continues to lose tens of thousands of jobs every month while millions of underemployed go unreported.

Ultimately, this has more to do with the values of our culture–of us.  Why is it legal to lie or deceive for personal gain?  Give me one good reason… anyone?


One response to “Lies About Our Economic Recovery

  1. Are you against optimism?

    Perception is important.. and to motivate a team (or a country) it helps to focus on the positives.

    For a clear perspective on why you too should be optimistic about Canada, please see:

    We are much better off than other countries in the G-20. To compare the Canadian numbers you cite above to the US, please see:

    The global economy is suffering a recession, and Canada is part of this complex interconnected system. So while we too are losing jobs, we are doing much less badly than the United States. It is therefore ridiculous for you to imply that the Conservatives are responsible for the layoffs: “every time we elect a Conservative Government we lose hundreds of thousands of jobs… wtf?”

    Things could have been a lot worse, but we have avoided any potential trade war or protectionism, and set a strong footing for economic recovery. If Jack Layton had been in charge, we would be drowning in debt from spending on worthless public sector make-work projects. Elizabeth May is too idealistic has no relevant experience.

    So in response, nobody is guilty of lying or deceiving for personal gain as you accuse.. or maybe everybody is.

    Don’t we all try and present a rosy picture of ourselves to others? Don’t you focus on your strengths and forget about the things that didn’t work out? Do you really want to know how many guys your girlfriend has fucked?

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