Do You Feel Loved?

Do You Feel Loved?

A party had me on the weekend.  I didn’t go but it was at my house.  My roommate introduced me to three women and even a gay guy.  Two women just sat and stared at me briefly… before I left them as is usual.  One woman made an effort, but only to get in my pants… and if you think I am gay you don’t know me at all.

People tell me they love me all the time.  But as I look back, I find it hard to remember a single moment where I felt loved–then and still–by anyone.  There is so much betrayal, dishonesty, narcissism.

I want to be someone’s #1.  If the world was ending and you had a spaceship that could save yourself and one other, who would it be?  I am absolutely certain that there is no one on earth that would put me in that ship.  Everyone has someone else that gives them more of their childish chemical needs.

“Do you feel loved?”  Love is work.  The people who say they “love” me, always say that right before they ask for something or when they want to make me feel guilty, usually for not giving them something unreasonable.  It’s not their fault really, they just don’t know what love is because they are too busy trying to get something to make them feel better.

So no wonder I shy away from close relationships of any sort.  The chick who thinks my dick is the key to my heart made me think of this U2 song, Do You Feel Loved, and a few poignant lyrics. “And it looks like the sun / But it feels like rain / And there’s heat in the sun / To see us through the rain,”

To answer the question: “Do you feel loved?” you need to know what love is.  I am beginning to think that those that know what love is, always answer “no.”

At the songs end, I always picture two people asking each other, “Do you feel loved?” as the answer to the same question.  Do you feel loved?  Do you?


Do You Feel Loved



Take these hands, they’re good for nothing
You know these hands never worked a day
Take these boots they’re going nowhere
You know these boots don’t want to stray.

You got my head filled with songs
You got my shoelaces undone.
Take my shirt, go on, take it off me
You can tear it up if you can tie me down.

Do you feel loved?
Do you feel loved?
Do you feel loved?

Take the colours of my imagination
Take the scent hanging in the air
Take this tangle of a conversation
Turn it into your own prayer.
With my fingers as you want them
With my nails under your hide
With my teeth at your back
And my tongue to tell you the sweetest lies.

Do you feel loved?
Do you feel loved?
And it looks like the sun
But it feels like the rain, oh.

Love’s a bully, pushing and shoving
In the belly of a woman.
Heavy rhythm taking over
To stick together a man and a woman
Stick together man and a woman
Stick together.

Do you feel loved?
Do you feel loved?

And it looks like the sun
But it feels like rain
And there’s heat in the sun
To see us through the rain.

Do you feel loved?
Do you feel loved?
Do you feel loved?
Do you feel loved?

Lyrics Copyright U2 1997

“And it looks like the sun / But it feels like rain / And there’s heat in the sun / To see us through the rain,”

… but it feels like the rain… does anyone understand?


4 responses to “Do You Feel Loved?

  1. you are one in a million so is your space ship captain
    re read my last one

    No one will…. till you do

  2. sunshineonthesewertop

    I am not claiming to know what love is. I think it’s undefinable- and that’s the beauty of it. People feel it differently and express it differently.
    If you were to ask me if I feel loved? I would say yes.
    I have learned in life to get rid of the people in my life who are toxic. To get rid of the ones I do not benifit from in a positive way.
    I find this helps when it comes to the quality of people who end up telling you they “love you”.

    I also think it is important to love yourself first. I know that may seem a bit cliche, but I really think its true. You need to love yourself before you can love someone else, or expect to be loved in return.
    Trust is also a big part of that.
    Obviously you wouldn’t die for someone if you didn’t trust them with your own life.

    Your foundation has to be strong.

    Maybe don’t go looking for love, let it come to you.

    Dont fall for shallow love- wait for something real. Dont expect to be instantly loved by numerous people, unless you just crave fame, in which case you need a lot of ego boosting to be happy with yourself….
    Ah, which brings me to my point.
    Love yourself.
    Then see what happens next.

    haha ok, done with the rambling. I really enjoyed your blog and hope that happiness finds you in whatever way life sees fit.

    Best of luck with love, it is a crazy thing…

  3. thequantumbuddha

    Okay, both respondants tell me to love myself first. I agree. I tell others that. But how? What does that mean exactly?

  4. Well…..thats not fair

    Oh well………..

    this is probably my last in this series though ……LOL

    That means you do things just for you …its simple
    like the bucket list
    with out always analyzing
    try being
    forget whether girls are looking at you and why
    people just naturally look
    When you stop looking outward and maybe finally see inward…it wont matter

    I hate to break it to you sonny …LOL
    but you just look like a guy to me

    No big deal
    A man is not his looks…
    he is however how he carries them though

    It was your commitment I admired when I first met you …
    but when you didn’t get robs job ….
    you became just like some you have described here…yah know?
    Hey Dan…no one…no matter who or what they say…really has the answers
    And for sure not yours
    Only you do…obviously

    Its the quest….the journey and how much of it you allow yourself to experience before you are truly hardened and among the walking dead like so many others I meet

    Maybe become a priest
    But take off the rose colored glasses

    start really being you and trust me from what I saw you could soon be like so many before you …just trying to get away and out with the boys once in a while ….because all this right now musta been really just bullshit ….

    and you just feel trapped now…yah know?

    That would be sad and a waste

    I don’t
    It did not happen to me
    I was divorced
    And hurt real good
    I became celibate…for three years actually

    get this tid bit…. also while waiting for the framed jail I had soon coming in 1993 as you know about I think and the only job I could get then was helping a friend who opened a peeler bar
    6 months there and still celibate……
    so you know I am crazy…LOL

    But and I could write a book but

    I eventually ran into this women who was doing the same thing for the same reasons

    that when I looked into her eyes I quite simply Dan……saw stars

    haven’t been apart since
    moved in together within two months
    married 8 months after that

    last thursday actually it was 15 years married

    I still tell friends she hates me every second day still…but I see no hand cuff marks on her

    So the bottom line is … what ever started your heart and what will surely end it
    is far greater than you will ever be

    and so you should start to enjoy this ride
    stop sulking in the hotel room while outside needed a double in tennis at his resort
    it will be over before you know it

    As I say…I could die at any minute…thats why you got my 2 cents today

    Pretend for a minute you were others like you and even went to Afghanistan…but now they still wont allow themselves to love
    but now have no legs

    You gettin any of this Dan?

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