The End of the Green Party?

To the past and present members of Green Party of Canada,

I write to you out of great concern.  Without your urgent response, by Monday, the Green Party of Canada may be forever defeated.  Please continue reading to find out how you can help.

Two motions have been brought forth concerning the next General Meeting, specifically about the Constitutionally mandated GPC Leadership contest that must occur in 2010.

A leadership contest is a great way to build the party by recruiting new members and talented volunteers. It puts the spotlight on Green policies and politicians.  It is a good thing for the Party and the green movement.

Elizabeth May is scared of losing her job, and she is trying to stop any Leadership contest scheduled for 2010.  Some are calling one motion a “Leader for life” motion, which would be more accurately called a “leader for death” motion, since it would be the end of many Green’s dreams for democracy–the end of the Green Party in Canada.

FACT: Elizabeth May lied to the membership when she broke the GPC Constitution and the Privacy Act by using the GPC membership lists to send a dishonest personal e-mail regarding two convention resolutions, for her own personal gain.  She had no right to send this e-mail to all members without giving equal opportunity to those that opposed her views on those motions.

The entire e-mail is in reference to motions that personally effect Elizabeth’s job–her power.  She opposes “erod(ing) the Leadership”–so does Stephen Harper.  The e-mail states that she would have to resign if we had a leadership contest–which is absolutely false.  Nothing requires the Leader to step down during a Leadership race.  The issue is whether members have the right to vote on who is best to lead the party from now on.

E May’s e-mail also claims her campaign is going well.  Elizabeth has laid off most of the Organizers across the country and re-tasked the remaining Organizers to her campaign.  As a result, the Green Party of Canada’s membership levels are at historic lows–7900–a loss of over 25%.  Elizabeth May has spent well over $275,000 in Saanich – Gulf Islands and has only signed up 26 new members.  Elizabeth May cannot win if she cannot inspire more than two dozen to become members and volunteers.

The real problem is more that so many quit.  Most of the Greens I have gotten to know in the last four yeas are ex-members–specifically because of the actions of Elizabeth May–actions just like her e-mail, which are partisan and self-serving.

Elizabeth also dishonestly claims that polls show we may elect four Green MP’s.  Which riding-by-riding polls show that, Elizabeth? None.  Its a lie.  If E May thinks we will elect four MP’s in the next election, she needs to tell us what has changed.  We have heard this promise many times before.  If the same people keep doing the same things, the results are likely to be the same.  All evidence points to another failure in SGI.

Elizabeth’s organizational problems are not new.   The Vancouver Center campaign was called the “best chance to elect a Green in Canada” by Elizabeth May and her core team.  Deputy Leader Adriane Carr finished in last place after also spending huge resources.

I saw Adrian Carr’s campaign in Vancouver Center.  It was a handful of people spending buckets of money hiring their expert friends that never performed.  New ideas weren’t tolerated.  There was lots of talk about bad politicians, bad parties, bad corporations, but no one had a clue how to achieve real results, and a year after Elizabeth and her clique took over the party, the countrywide progress and growth seen under Jim Harris ended.  This is a direct result of the Leadership of Elizabeth May.

If you are a current GPC member and want to see our best have a chance to contribute, if you want your voice to count, if you still want to save the world… please vote this Saturday or Sunday against the motion to cancel the Leadership Contest, and vote for the motion upholding the Constitution.

To any that still support Elizabeth, despite the overwhelming evidence of her total failure and dishonesty, please vote for her during the scheduled Leadership contest and allow those that disagree to vote for someone who can make a real difference–not just talk about doing it.

When you cast your vote for the next Leader, I hope it is for someone who would make it a criminal offense for politicians to lie like Elizabeth May did.

Daniel Mick


8 responses to “The End of the Green Party?

  1. Yes, Dan there is some concern about the future of the Greens, I share that – I don’t think the public or the people passionate about ‘the’ issues care less, but the politics, even within the Greens, has stolen their optimism, energy and hopes. When the Greens themselves become so like the other parties that many don’t respect and we lower ourselves to that level of ‘games’, and excluding people and ideas (without any real discussion) – we lose the passion, the integrity, the vision of truly making a difference, the synergy and the true potential for change – instead we have melted into the system and become part of the ‘industry’. Money donated to some ridings was diverted to leadership ridings. Some great ideas were just ignored. Some brilliant people share your disappointment. I’m not that smart but can see a truck stuck in the mud and the drivers and mechanics getting paid to run it telling the crowd gathered, who care to push it out to leave it alone. The next week people walk by.

    I don’t know how much energy for change and raw connection with people has been lost – but you make some interesting and truthful observations and comments.

    This lesson may galvanize committed and caring people to find a different way. If you have good ideas run with them, see if they get public traction and don’t let anyone stop you. I strongly suspect you and I aren’t about winning a job for a candidate but more about making a difference to help this world and doing something future generations will appreciate and not criticize.

    I did some work recently that was of a very high level (manager at G8) and realize how important it is we don’t underestimate the significance of issues and do not condone ineffective approaches (AKA crap). Food for thought?

  2. Well obviously its a big

    HEAR HEAR !!! from me !!!

    I could write a book about some of your points having been put through the proverbial wringer by elley may and her brand of truthing…yes I could

    I have said so many times how she lied in my court case and in my world that I can not even bother right now

    Just watch the you tube videos as she even sicked the police on me with lies after I said I would run against her.
    I am busy fighting members money ….not mays …to stop myself from bankruptcy even though the court said she in fact libeled me twice and lied

    A 150 year old law was changed a week before the trial or the greens would not even exist today unless I waived the resulting million dollar judgement (which I told members and council I would not collect from the PARTY…yes …still from may though)

    Please vote and vote for our constitution before the green party is destroyed and becomes completely now just the elley may party


  3. It’s 2004-6 all over again. Constitutional violations. Unequal and unfair distribution of Party resources. Big $$$ spent with little to show for it.

    If they start forming kangaroo courts to try to eliminate candidates like was done in 2006, then we will have gone full circle.

  4. Thank you for the post and necessary debate. The consitution can get beat up when it is manipulated, abused and/or ignored. It still surprises me though that most Greens still want to place all the blame at the feet of Ms. May. Ms. May can’t do any of the things you state without the consent of federal council and the majority of people tasked to protect the constitution and run the party. I’m not talking about staff who work within the mandate given.

    We’ve boasted for a long time that we have one member one vote and that we are the grassroots champions of the Canadian political environment. Yet our internal democracy is appalling because members rarely vote in council elections. They rarely pay any attention to the internal workings of the party until something drastic happens.

    Participatory democracy requires vigilance. Status quo occurs when those responsible for renewing the organization walk away or stop paying attention. The conservatives are accused of being a top down system and anethma to the very concept of grassroots. Yet they have the financial fundraising that comes from 100,000 people, some members some not. Yet the three other parties with memberships across the country, who boast of being nothing but grassroots, combined effort can’t match that support.

    The Green Party boasts 5 – 8,000 consistent members, growing out of Jim Harris’ and Elizabeth’s leadership. 8 years of growth in membership and electoral challenge. Yet only 5 people have ever stated with certainty that they want to lead the party. Jim Fannon, David Chernashenko, Elizabeth May, Sylvie Lemieux. Think about that and don’t tell me about all those ‘other’ contenders that supposedly want the leadership. Sylvie Lemieux is the only person so far who has stood up and said, “There’s a leadership contest in 2010 unless the membership says otherwise and I want the leadership.” The whole exercise was designed to stop any leadership contender from showing their faces and running a leadership challenge. Ms. Lemieux didn’t bite. Good for her. I don’t know if I want her to be leader or not. I believe in term limits. I believe in challenge and renewal. She has yet to prove that her leadership would be any different than what we have now which is contentment across the leaderhsip board with an apathetic party membership and a federal council whose majority members don’t see anything wrong with what has happened in the last year.

    But go ahead and keep bitching about Ms. May and her leadership. It feels good and most important, it means not having to really think.

    After all, isn’t that what kick ass participatory democracy really is?

  5. To clarify, I say this may be the end of the Green Party in Canada because:

    1. The Green Party of BC hasn’t had a website in months

    2. If no Leadership Contest is held, those who have remained in the Party, or on the sidelines hoping for change will leave for good–the last mass exodus from the Party. The window for proving our elecability to the Canadian people may have already passed, surely we cannot survive another setback of this scale.

  6. Frances Coates

    Well for those who don’t want to listen to reasoning those are all good points made by Daniel. Doomesday theories are always really good for any institution.

    I would not even come closte to comparing E May’s leadership style to Stephen Harper. Give me a break.

    Let the BGM and the members decide what is going to happen. Support for a leader and the decisions they have to make is always important. We may not always agree with them but we elect a leader to have faith in them and to do a job.
    Let’s not treat our leader, whoever, it is like a sacrifial lamb. They are human and make mistakes but at least we can all learn by our mistakes. Council made the decision to not officially have an election at the BGM.

    We need to wait unit the members decide if they want a leadership review now or to plan for one later. Common sense must prevail.

  7. It should be very easy to understand why membership numbers are down.

    People sign up when an election is coming. Their memberships have lapsed. Many will sign up again, but don’t see the rush.

    I as a Green party member and I will be a Green party member, but I am not presently one.

    Let’s have the leadership contest (and I can say that May’s resistance to having one means that I will certainly not choose her, if I decide to support any of the options) and get this thing over with.

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