Carole James Resigns

Ding dong the bitch is gone! I always liked BC NDP Leader Carole James’ resume.  I liked her less than I liked her resume.  She sounded like exactly the kind of person we would want as Premier.   But that was the problem too–she’s trying to be someone.

Carole James is too concerned with validation from all the reasons that she was better than BC Premier Gordon Campbell.   There is a big difference between bitching about the failings of the BC Liberals and having a plan.   The province needs a plan.  Let’s hope we get one from both leadership races.

Now that Carole James is gone, there is still one other politician in BC that has been asked to resign by many respected party members.  The criticisms of Elizabeth May are the same criticisms that plagued Carole James.  Specifically that she is too controlling, power hungry and incompetent to win.  Will Green Party of Canada Leader Elizabeth May resign now that the Greens were almost wiped out in the recent by-elections?

Watch the video about the Pirate Party almost beating the Greens in the by-elections:


3 responses to “Carole James Resigns

  1. She should have just had a leadership contest instead of looking ridiculous
    Maybe she has elizabeth may disease?
    No one is leader for life without earning it

    James brings nothing and I look forward to a new leader or the bc greens could have capitalized and do not deserve any power as sterk is a coward and also has no plan

  2. I should say in a leadership race at this point James will probably re win it and can and if she stopped listening to her cowardly advisers and actually again became relevant I would even support her
    I dont see anyone better in the ndp

    The point was like elizabeth may who refused to re win it looks bad and hurts the party when in fact she probably would have just re won anyway

    The loss soon coming is the result of her own sense of entitlement

  3. I wonder who got to her? On Sunday she was going to have the mutineers tied to the mast and flogged. Today she’s walking the plank. I’m certainly relieved she’s stepped aside. She was far too autocratic. Her leave taking was overdue.

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