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The New Age

I am thinking about this task I set before me. But what is this task? Every time I define it, I eventually realize that my solution is disconnected from life.

This is happening more and more. When I examine a problem, and break it down into its essential parts, understand why, the answer is always the same. The difference is on the surface and it begins to disappear as you go deeper into it.

To know what is correct, one must know the goal that is sought. The same is true for public policy, which is further burdened by the question of who are the “you” and who are the “them”. In a democratic society the question is further complicated by the knowledge that what people want, and what is good for them, are not often the same. Such is the state of our world, and the depth of our problems.

I know what the problem is–I have seen it since I was a child–but how do I label it? Labels are a construct, an inherent untruth caused by expressing something with words–words in place of what is real. Words also carry the baggage of speaker and listener, which inhibits our communication further.

Communication is a much bigger problem in our current world, much more than “guns” or “violence” or “global warming” or any other label we give to our unhappiness. To study a multitude of one type of event already chooses the perspective of their commonality. It is a prejudice to think of such things. It is outside of the greater reality, and therefor inherently misleading. It is like the religious person that declares their “team” as their salvation. Like a word they speak is a magic spell that contains some power because it is truth, but these are constructs.

“I am a Christian so I’m saved and good (therefor better than you, so give me…)”

Are you you Jesus? Are you the Christ? The Anointed One? Then you are not “Christian”! I say there has only ever been one Christian. Jesus wasn’t Jesus because of what Synagogue he went to, or who his guru was, or from any exterior adornment. It is not a turban, a holy rock, a book–all expressions of something external. They are not us. We cannot take ownership of their lessons externally.

“I am against guns”

Congratulations… Now what?

“I am a communist.” Actually… No one says that. Lol They say, “Capitalism has failed.”

What’s does that mean exactly? Why focus on that? A construct.

“Why are you, Dan, talking about this? You are going around in circles, talking about yourself–personal things! You should isolate the issue to something small and external, yet expansive and beyond control. I’m not the problem!”

Genesis, a book of many faiths, talks of “original sin” as “eating the fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil.” This is a metaphor for our judgements and how we banish ourselves from a blissful garden.

We have been making the same arguments for thousands of years. We argue who is better. What is better. We argue who should get more. We argue over what truth is correct, who’s messiah is correct, who’s God is real, expecting to gain from that correctness, that actually exposes the incorrectness of our judgements and motives. We only ever argue for more of something. Search inside yourself and see. We rarely question whether more is what we need…

“Why?” Why is the question that is unasked too often. “Enlightenment” is when you understand “why?”

An enlightened man can speak. Many will hear. Many will repeat. Few will understand, because few asked “Why?” Fewer still found the answer in the self.

“Why” is so close to the core, you see. I am sure many are asking, “Why what?” but this is the ego intruding into the thoughts, living there and being so at home you don’t notice the intruder. You look in the mirror, you see the intruder, and you think it is you.

The ultimate “why” is the why of existence. That is our core. That is our life journey. That is the key to change. Not because of what I believe but because of the truth.

“What truth?”

We are on a journey.

Look at your life. Some have examined what they have in comparison to others. They feel good or bad, depending on how much they have on their side of the scale. They rarely ask why they chose to weigh those particular things in comparison. Should you really be sad to not own a nice car? Should you then be happy to have a nice car? You don’t like cars? What do you like? What frivolous thing are you addicted to?

Or why weigh at all? Is happiness born out of judgement? What does your experience tell you? Forget holy books and think. Forget about what others tell you. Listen to your own testimony.

If someone progresses to the point of wanting to abandon judgement, that is bad. If someone progresses to a point of wanting to see things as they are that is good. But how to be free of limiting judgement? Isn’t this a judgement?… The answer isn’t “how” because the source of the desire to be free is still the ego.

You expected stats? Cold numbers? A cutoff line? Where you could be “good” or “bad”, “saved” opposed to “lost”? You would be approved of or have a new enemy to blame and attack? Is this a different take on our world? Good. It’s about time.

Did you expect blame? Who is to blame? “Who” is not enlightened. “Who?” is a question of darkness. Who is of the ego. (When I typed, “who” just now on my phone, autocorrect even suggested “ego”.)

So I guess this is where I will state a thesis… The blame is on the ego–YOU.

“The Ego did what? Did the “ego” kill those children? Did the ego kill that hero teacher? That is like blaming ‘the Devil’.”

Yes. Indeed. The ego is the devil. Notice the small ‘d’, as the true devil hides in us. Do not address the devil with the respect of a capital letter or you make him real, and yet fight an imaginary foe that you will never defeat. The fight will be endless and you will have no satisfaction, no happiness.

I hear of events. I hear of unrest. There is a rape epidemic in India. The people are protesting. While many will claim sophisticated reasoning, the simple truth is that you don’t stop rape by protest. But you do change minds. You express your side, engage others. But this pressure can only change “them”. I have found it much more difficult to change “them”, than me.

“What are you talking about? Keep to one subject!”

Don’t you see? I am! It is the mind that separates.

When we start comparing figures of what killed people we forget that they were people. We lose sight of the feeling that made us look for a solution, and in such a state we will not find a solution.

If we look at “how” they were raped, “who” raped them, “where” they were raped, “when” they were raped, we mistake these answers for “why”. Most don’t know why or even ask. We run from this topic by blaming and shaming and indulging and casting the lamb out into the wilderness, confident that we are now cleansed. “They are bad” …But we can only change ourselves and change is what we need–not more blame.

The “why” is the much harder question because it is indirect. You can’t get to it. Run after it and you will answer how, who, what, where and when, but “why” will elude you.

I had an experience once. It is one of those things that atheists don’t accept. Not because some “miracle” happened–something impossible. No impossible thing happened, yet many dismiss my experience. They mock me and others because it is “just a feeling”.

If I heard those words I would be sceptical too–and I was because I thought I understood feelings and didn’t need to learn more. My definition of reason was narrow: If you can’t create it in a laboratory it can never be real.

“What is this feeling? Prove it!”

Well it’s like this, in my left hand is misery, in my right hand is joy, the bliss I felt was near the sun. When you feel it, you will also understand. But this is all irrelevant anyways. It isn’t a path so it isn’t useful… It is external. Forget it.

“A path to what?”

What do we desire? Is this entirely personal? Are we just egos battling it out in this mouldy rock for a little more of what released a happy chemical yesterday? Then who’s desires should win? Who is right? What is right…

… “Why?”…

There is that ego again. What is right? Who is right? When is right? The “why” is the answer, but an abstract one. The delusion of the ego asks the questions of the ego.

“Why do we live?”

“Why do tragedies happen?”

“What is happiness?”

These three are the same question. Our language is so poor in describing reality. One cannot get a satisfactory answer for any one question without an answer for all three. The “feeling” can answer one at a time and it answers with the same answer to all three.

What Yogi ever shot up a school?

I hear of many people who claim religion–a belief of any kind–that do horrible things. Atheists love to point out examples of ignorant people that try to use religion to coverup or justify their actions, usually, as an example of the low intelligence of religion–and therefor the stupidity of God. These people are just parrots of their egos’ favourite verses–the atheists and the theists.

This is why I like Yoga, forms of Buddhism and Toaism. They ignore God. Bless them. Only when you ignore the external G_d can you ever find any god in you. They don’t even want to call it “God” so they don’t confuse their students into looking outside of themselves. The answer is only in one place.

I once wrote something titled, “A New Year’s Resolution for Humanity”. It explained in a variety of ways, how logically we are not that smart, we don’t know very much about much of anything, and as time passes and humanity knows more and more, we all know a smaller piece–we get dumber in relation to the whole. We rely on others’ knowledge more and more, yet drift apart. And we are indeed losing touch with real wisdom as a society, yet we are gaining certainty of correctness, as we forget ourselves without technology. All we know is to consume more. Make it easier. Faster. Faster. Faster. More and then we will be happy. Why don’t we challenge this belief?

While in current times we have increased knowledge greatly over the past, we have mainly increased memorization of others knowledge of gadgets, and of the external, without even the ability to know if this knowledge be wisdom or fallacy, and we care not as long as it suits the purposes of the ego that asked the question.

We are on a journey. We cannot read about the journey and claim to have made it. We cannot see the beauty in a picture from the top of Mount Everest. Only those that made the climb can see it. Yet so many profess the truth of a photograph! This is religion.

Yet even this is false–the entire mountain is false–the climb is what is real.

We all climb our own mountains. When one finds happiness in climbing the mountain before them, they will progress to the top. At the top they will look down to see who is following and see nobody. We climb alone. Yet we believe others exist. We see them with our eyes and we don’t connect, though neither do the left and right hands.

If your partner climbs the mountain, good for them: why be proud? You did not climb. Why argue with those that haven’t climbed, or are not interested? If climbing is so great, climb! These are religious people today and all times.

Believers go to war over ideas they don’t understand to silence their self-doubt. This is trying to beat someone up the mountain. I assure you this is not the mountain to climb. The mountain of ego is “more”. The higher you try to climb the higher the mountain gets–you can never reach the top. The faster you go, the more others want to get in your way, and you will be miserable in your defeat or victory over them.

“I’ll be happy once I have______”

We all strive for happiness don’t we? It is universal. The atheist, Christian, the Muslim, the Jew, the Hindu, the Buddhist, the Toaist, the philosopher, the Marxist, the satanist, the environmentalist, the fascist, the animal–All want the same thing. Happiness. All want the same thing?! No wonder we are always fighting and never happy! We think happiness is what we get from others. There is a limited amount and we don’t have enough. Oh no the misery!

Others are an illusion. Sounds goofy doesn’t it? Just some new age bla bla bla you have heard before. It had as little meaning then as now…

…But doesn’t happiness come form relationships? Don’t we all crave these things? Even self realized people do! Nothing is more universal. If it is universal, it is truth.

But then how can happiness come from taking and hurting and killing and lying and fighting those we could have relationships with, like we learn? Actions that foster relationships bring us the most joy.

If we know our happiness comes from giving, we must be giving to ourselves. If we are separate and losing when we give, how could losing make us happy? It is nonsense! If we are happy we aren’t “losing”. If we aren’t losing when we give to others–others must not be separate from us! We take from the left hand and give to the right hand. If what we now have in the right hand is best there, the whole is happier. The left hand is not in despair.

Logic, reason and science are about observing phenomena, making predictions, and testing the hypothesis. When one gains experience, a pattern is seen to how change is made. The way in which we struggle alone and make progress alone is telling of our relationship to the universe. We look and see others: they are but a shadow of our thoughts, feelings and actions. If others react to our choices in the way that I claim, then it shows a deeper connection–deeper than random particles bumping into each other for no reason, to no end, and without consequence.

When I was practising Kung fu, there was a saying on the wall that I would pass before lessons. “There is no enemy, the only enemy is within our own habitual patterns of passion, aggression and ignorance.” If this is our battle, how can we live in a random world with no creator and no purpose?

The better question is, if one begins to live their life this way, is the outcome foolishness? Does one fall behind in the race against the separate people that are constantly clawing at them, hurting and inhibiting them? Or does one rise above as if their thoughts, feelings, and actions create their world in a way that can only be described as a “miracle” according to your current view of cause and effect? Do the outcomes of your choices make you believe that you and the external world are one directly interconnected system? A system where you have the power to directly effect change and the inescapable burden of the equal responsibility to do so?

That “feeling” I felt, is the feeling of connectedness. Everything is connected. Everything right. You don’t think but “feel” that everything is as it should be, because nothing can be lost. There is no thought, in the standard sense because thought is a tool to create this bliss. You see how life and death connect. You see things changing and staying the same. Where your thinking alone would see contradiction, your heart sees none. Your thinking sees multiple. Your heart sees one.

Thinking is of time. Time is meaningless without events, events have no meaning without space. Thinking is therefor of this world. If you seek truth in a single false perspective, you will only see partially, or in contradiction. You will be disconnected. You will not be happy. The left will fight the right, and the whole will be lost. This is us and our world.

In our heart–hearts–are the answer to our spiritual, political, cultural, environmental, and commercial difficulties. Only there can we see how wrong we are to seek happiness outside ourselves. This fallacy is the root of all evil. No solutions can come from anywhere or anyone other than you.

We all want a messiah. We all want someone else to do the work for us. We want a devil to blame and a father figure to save us. This has been the way for thousands of years.

Progress has indeed been made. We as a species have come a long way, but much of that progress has been made on the shoulders of so few individuals.

We have much further to go and we do not have time to continue to seek change by conventional, external means. We must change so much about our society in such a short time–progressing more in the next few years than in the previous thousand.

The consequences of failure are greater than at any time in history. But I do not feel doomed, because I know the truth.

These groups we try to change are artificial constructs. They are like holograms. That is why change through force is so hard and slow. When we change ourselves we act directly upon our world–immediately and completely.

We cannot change “them” very fast at all, but I have seen a person change their own self in minutes. When we give up the fallacy of our blame and accept responsibility for all that we come across, for all that we do, think and feel, the change has already occurred. This was meant to be. This is for me. I will act. Without ego. Without anger. Without fear.

Be a leader for that change–Yes, You! You can and must lead in your own way. Inside, you are the King and Queen of your kingdom!

We need leaders for equality, but how can we have equality without perceptual equanimity?
We need leaders for peace, but how can we have peace that is not within us?
We need leaders for fairness, but how can we understand what is fair, if we cannot understand our own souls’ journey?
We need leaders for joy–yes joy–but how can we spread joy if we cannot feel it in ourselves in such quantity that we overflow?

If you do not feel this way now, how will changing “them” cause you to feel blissful? Any satisfaction will be purely of the mind, and if it is in your mind, achieve that happiness in your mind now.

So much more can be done in an atmosphere of encouragement and inclusiveness. When we unite ourself with others, in our own mind, we unite the world. What problems come from unity?


Dan’s Estimation of the Age of the Universe

As a follow up to my post on the theory of relativity’s implications on the age of the universe and the nature of reality, I am pointing out something that has been bugging me for see time.

How did quasars get 33 billions years away from us in just 13.75 billion years since the big bang is said to have occurred when the god of randomness “created” the universe in violation of the 2nd law of thermodynamics?

Here are two links from Wikipedia as sources:

Big Bang


It is a bit harder to visualize and understand a dynamic relativistic reality but no matter how I look at possible scenarios, I can’t make a 33 billion year old quasar fit into a 13.75 billion year old universe (+/- 100 million years).

If at the time of the big bang, the energy and matter that created our solar system went in the opposite direction as the energy that formed the quasar, both traveling near the speed of light relative to each other, then the light reaching us now cannot be older than the universe. The quasar, regardless of any false impression of its “real age” at any possible position within the expanding event cone, could not appear older than the universe. Period.

Einstein’s Estimation of the Age of the Universe

According to Einstein, when objects approach very near the speed of light (one of the boundary conditions of the universe) the passage of time will slow, among other bizarre effects.

The universally accepted theory (proven by atomic clocks) is that if you had two identical twins, and one climbed into a very fast space ship and left earth at near the speed of light on a circular journey around some distant star and back, that the twin that left earth would return as just a few years older, while his brother could be many years older.

A Thought Experiment:

Two twins heard this and built a space ship to test Einstein’s theory. When one of the twins returned from space ten years later, they indeed found that he had aged relatively less, almost not at all. The clock on the ship said only one year had passed while it was 10 years that passed for the twin on earth, during the same time.

The Twims went to Einstein to show him that his theory was indeed true, and ask for more of an explanation. As you can imagine, if this story were true, Einstein would be thrilled and would gladly accept them as honored guests.

As a thought experiment, hypothetically, after some discussion, the twins were satisfied and began to leave, when they turned in unison to Einstein and asked, “How old is the universe?”

To which Einstein replied, “_____________” ???

If both twins were born in the same universe, and now one was 9 years older because of the effects of relativity… Then the universe would be a different age for each twin, therefor, each twin must exist in an independent universe.

If we existed in a single objective universe we would find the universe had a definable, measurable independent reference frame. Only observers can have reference frame relative to another observation point.

All of our science points away from an objective universe existing before an observer existed to experience it. In fact as the Heisenberg uncertainty principle proves, we cannot observe an experiment (or life) without altering the experiment, and without any observation we cannot make any useful conclusions at all!

In quantum physics, the dual slit experiment (great video) showed, surprisingly, that the laws of physics for a particular reference frame could be altered by a choice of observation. When one asks before firing up the electron beam emitter, “Do the laws of physics allow a single electron particle to bend or change trajectory through a diffraction grating?” is an unanswerable question until we know whether the scientist will turn on the detector or not… While this is in a very small size domain, the results are macroscopic.

The popular scientific culture has forgotten, or not known, the significance of the dual slit experiment. Many look to science, and scientific experimentation, as a new god to answer everything and be worshipped, yet peer-reviewed duplicated post-wave-equation-collapse experimentation is the foundation of all modern science. What good is this modern scientific–or “New Athiest”–philosophy if it only ever predicts that the dual slit experiment only forms a double line and that an interference pattern doesn’t happen when it does?! As soon as one leaves the laboratory conditions of forced wave equation collapse–99.9% of our lives–the laws of physics are much different, and past and future electrons can interfere with each other, or an electron can be in many places at once interfering with itself! This is the real independent objective universe we live in–independent in that it is yours personally.

How is it again? that this non-existent artificially labelled and constructed bi- bang-universe that most call “reality” or “the universe”–that is completely different in all time and space for all observers… created the earth and life and humans? Given that it is also one of pur most trusted and verified theories that states it is impossible to create energy or destroy energy in the universe, and that energy can only be transformed, it is far more plausible that consciousness of some kind created the universe. Furthermore, our own consciousness creates our own universe as we experience it day to day–scientifically.

UPDATE: As I continue to think of this scenario, a few other interesting thought experiments can be made as a result: What if Einstein replied, to the question of how old is the universe for the twins that are now different ages, with a question to each twin? “Where were each of you five years ago today?”

Of course, one twin was on the space ship and one was building the spaceship–with the other twin that answered that he was on the spaceship at that very same time!

To Einstein, it may appear that one twin was indeed two places at once, and as far as observation is concerned there is no conflict unless Einstein observes the duplicate twin, which he did not, so he could claim that a person can legitimately be in two places at once. As long as they don’t “scientifically” observe such a thing, lending support to the notion that philosophy is a higher knowledge than science, Idealism is superior to Realism, and that reasoned observation should not be limited to post-wave-equation-collapse experimentation.

Thought experiment #3

Before the twins leave, Einstein asks them to look into his radio telescope.

The twin that went to space looked into the telescope and saw 13.75 billion year old cosmic background radiation. The twin that stayed on earth looked into the same telescope and saw 13.750000009 billion year old cosmic background radiation.

Einstein then showed them how to both look at the same image at the same time. The twin that stayed on earth says, “Look! That temperature variation looks like Elvis!” the twin that went to space won’t see the image of Elvis for 9 more years even though he is looking through the same lens, he looks at a different universe.

Is this Love?

So here I am–in high school 1998. North Surrey.  Wow, I feel like chanting “Let’s Go Spartans!”

As I approached graduation I was at a loss as what I should do with my life.  I didn’t know who I was or what I wanted.

I went to school.  That is what I did.  I was a student.  That’s what I was.  I had classmates that I called friends.  I had a car and people liked that.  McDonald’s wasn’t across the street back then.

And it was all coming to an end…

Now I had to choose the rest of my life.  What would I do.  Who would I be?  Wait… If I’m not going to be a student in a bit, then I am not really a student now…then who am I?…

Oh shit.

To many, we are our jobs.  If you’re a doctor, you’re no longer a Mr. or Ms. or Mrs.–you’re Dr. Somebody.  Well I didn’t know what to do.  I didn’t like school other than it was entertaining.  I didn’t do homework very often–or classwork.  I did very well on tests and usually managed to stay on the Honor Roll without much effort so university was technically an option–eventually.  But for what?  I was lost.  The last thing I needed to do was dart off at full speed in a random direction like Forrest fucking Gump.

I didn’t have a single friend at graduation.  I didn’t go to grad with anybody.  I didn’t meet up with my friends and take a limo.  Graduation solidified groups.  I was an outsider.  I was never really part of any group–ever.  I drifted.  I wasn’t cool.  I wasn’t ‘alternative” or grunge, or in the school band.  I didn’t dress any way.  It was pre-emo.

I ended up getting a job at a sawmill.  No they don’t make saws.  They cut wood.  It made good money–almost $40,000 in my first year.  I bought a black Mustang.  I had money in the bank.  RRSPs.  Great credit.  I wasn’t a loser.  I found a private college that taught custom audio and video and went to school for $200 an hour.

Since I was a child I have used music as an escape.  I remember sitting on the floor with a set of huge headphones on blasting Michael Jackson.  Before long, boredom and curiosity led me to take apart my speakers and modify them.  Now I could get paid to do it.

I sort of invented a new way to chop light wood faster–way faster–like adding one more guy to a three man crew.  It was tough but we cut lots and made lots of CHA CHING!.  I got injured from overwork–tendonitis.  Instead of compo they put me on modified duties.

The barcode gun weighed ten pounds and holding it up in the air with the same uninjured hand all day, every day, meant now I had tendonitis in my wrist too.  So I was fired.  It was illegal but I didn’t fight it cause I had just graduated from my college and was ready to take on the world.

The world was more than up for the challenge.

I couldn’t find a job for months.  The best I could find was $10 an hour using my own vehicle going from Langley to Vancouver.  And the company I worked for as going to bill me out at $110 an hour.  No thanks.

So I went into sales, instead.  My second month I was top in the store.  One day a woman and her daughter came in to buy a TV.  I sold them the warranty.  At the till, she caught that I didn’t tell her all the fine print about the warranty.  I gave her a bigger discount.  I was never a good “salesman” after that.  I started telling people all the details.  I started serving them instead of trying to empty their wallet or bury them in debt.  My numbers began to suck.

Just then I found a job doing custom work for $32,000 a year starting salary.  Diploma, started on my career, upgrading at BCIT, nice car–not bad for a 21 year old.  I was ecstatic–for two weeks, when I found out…

My boss was an idiot.  A monotone slow-talker.  He began as a subcontractor and then was hired as a jack-of-all-trades type to takeover the integration side of the business full time.  Now he had a whole team of real sales people behind him and he was way over his head within weeks with no management or organizational skills.  I’m a perfectionist–he’s the opposite.  We butted heads.  He had huge gaps in his knowledge.  I had gaps in mine.  We couldn’t work it out because he refused to believe he had gaps and refused to help fill mine.

The department did horrible.  He hired his friend to work with me but it was clear from early on that he was above me.  As an ex-alarm installer, he knew more about cutting holes and running wires.  I knew more about audio, video, sales, programming–the difficult stuff–cause I went to school for it, so of course I did all the brainless work, while the new guy got training to do things I already knew how to do, but wasn’t allowed to do.

Then another guy was hired above me, but at least he was brilliant–a true professional from Bombardier.  It didn’t last long, though.  When our parent company, that claimed to be 10 times bigger than any competitor, was found to be cooking the books and the stock dropped from $75.00 to $0.01, of course it was he who was laid off–not the idiot or his friend.

I quit and went back to my last job but with a promotion.  Now 21, I was a sales/assistant Manager at an electronics retailers new Vancouver Store, with a staff of 11.  Now I could teach others, increase professionalism and I wouldn’t have to hose anybody.

Between the time I took the job, an started the job, the advertising budget was slashed in favor of other markets (Alberta).  Sales are ad driven.  It hurt.  The 11 page Boxing Day flyer shrunk to one page.  My boss argued it back up to four.

My boss quit.  The new guy brought in his own new guys.  I was demoted.  I quit.

I applied at a high end retailer that also did service and custom work.  They didn’t have a job for me in custom, but they liked me so much they gave me a great salary and put me in another department until a position in custom opened up just to keep me away from the competition.  I felt great.  Even though I had bad luck, I felt valued.

After six months or so, business tanked.  Ever since I entered the workforce the industry was in decline.  Guys in white vans were slashing rates and quality standards, the internet or a big box stores would always sell it cheaper.  Twenty five people were laid off.  Since I wasn’t even in the right department I was one of them.

wtf?  Why does this keep happening to me?…

I went to another high end retailer where I could sell and essentially start my own integration/custom department.  It was a shaky start, business for them was down as well.  But I made a few real big sales in a short period–including one to a large international construction company : ) over that premier company that offered me $10 an hour a few years ago : D  I was on CBC radio as an industry expert on a show about how product quality is getting shittier and shittier in the rush to make everything cheaper.  I made it.  There was a tough patch but I fucking made it.   For a few weeks…

The installer I had–a subcontractor–was awful.  Incompetent and insubordinate.  Beyond tardy.  I sold a system to a few local actors that were a couple.  The installer missed the install day twice.  Just never showed up.  He was also trying to take my customers from me.

I wasn’t allowed to fire him or use anyone else.  I found a better guy that went to the same college as me but he wasn’t hired.  My boss blamed me for the jobs not going well.  He thought that if the installer could put in a few speaker for him, then he should be able to handle an integrated $40,000 public use theatre system and three others like it simultaneously.  It was too much work for a competent team, let alone that useless jackass.  I was told to do the installs myself–for free.

I think I fucked up here.  I should have quit and started my own business with my buddy I tried to have hired.  I didn’t have the money though and I would need to shell out a bunch of cash for tools, a van, advertising, product, etc.  I didn’t have the money because I couldn’t get anything to work for long enough to save and had a fiance that didn’t like working but loved spending money.

I went to work at the company my Dad worked for instead, selling document solutions.  I was hired over people with 2 year marketing certificates.  He told me I would get the support there that I wasn’t getting at my current job…

I got engaged.  I was 24 now and we had lived together for three years.  We had been waiting and would continue to wait to get married… because of money.

On my forth day at my new job, my Manager was fired.  He wasn’t replaced.

I barely knew how to work a fax machine and now I had to learn everything about networks, industrial duplicators, and a bunch of shit I never learned enough about to tell you what it did–on my own.  Without any product training I sold almost nothing.  After almost three months I went to the President and asked for a manager to train me.   He fired me for “wasting (his) time”.

I’d had it.  Fucking had it.  Sick of working shit jobs for shit people, with only a few exceptions.

This just didn’t make sense to me.  What more did I need to do?  Why is this happening to me?  Why am I not allowed to succeed?  Why?  What purpose does this serve?  WTF?

I was depressed I guess, I don’t remember much.  I started smoking more pot.  I went on disability for depression.  I went on every medication in the world.  Some how the pills didn’t change my life or my outlook on it.

There is no purpose.  None at all.  Its just chaos.

There can’t be any purpose because if there was, then I would need to come up with a reason for the bullshit I went through–from birth.  Maybe this is hell?  Purgatory?  Maybe I am meant to do something other than sell stereos?

I started writing.  It was therapeutic.  It gave me something to do.

After a while, I began to feel better.  But I was still totally fucked.  I hadn’t worked in years now and that’s like putting a swastika on your resume.  People told me to lie.  I don’t want to live in a world where I have to lie.

My relationship ended.  We didn’t have enough money to get married.  Though she only made $10 an hour, she saw it as I didn’t have enough money.

I needed a miracle.  One came eventually.  I got my Teamster membership doing security.  I worked my ass off.  I carved out a niche.  I paid off debt.  I got a nice place.  I bought new clothes.  I had a nice vehicle.  This was just a few months ago.  I was finally able to date seriously.  I could show I had the basics and could provide well.  I had a future.  I could afford a wife.  I wasn’t a loser.  Still totally emotionally messed up–but not poor.  It took years to get there.  It lasted for two months…

Then I got a letter in the mail telling me I can’t work because of a bullshit discriminatory interpretation of a old ruling told me I didn’t get in the union soon enough, and now I have to wait and be one of the last hired.  Read: huge pay cut.  The goal I’ve been working on for a decade–a normal life–gone… again.

I am no different than before the letter, but once it was written I became a loser.   But how can that be if I didn’t change?  What did change?

People’s perception of me changes with my economic status.  I should have made $60,000 this year.  I’ll make $30,000 now and I don’t have the resume to expect more.  My net worth is zero.  Fun things cost money.  We all want to have a good time.

“When at first you don’t succeed, Try and try again!”

How many times?

“Get back on the horse!”

Do all horses breathe fire?


Fuck off

“I just want to meet a nice (rich) guy”

… I know…

I should have gone to university, but I didn’t want the debt.  I guess I’ll go now.  I am at least five years from getting back to the point I can date seriously again.  Five years.  Its like a prison sentence.  But what did I do wrong?

It would be easier to struggle if I wasn’t struggling alone.  I feel like a marathon runner that has been running for 30 years, that’s getting laughed at by people in their cars for being too slow.

I’d like to see how well you’d run in my shoes.

I’m sick of being judged by people.  I’m sorry for not being born rich.  I’m sorry my parents couldn’t give me the tools to thrive in this world.  I’m sorry school costs so much.  I’m sorry there are no deer to hunt, Honey, but don’t take it out on me.  Stand by me.  Hunt with me.  Show me you are willing to sacrifice for our children.  If you’re just going to sit there on your knees with your mouth open…

Every retard in the country has an entire team of government support workers.  People in comas have teams of people looking after them and they haven’t had brain activity in years.  Who supports me?  I don’t need to be carried for life–I just need a start…or a teammate.

Almost everyone believes in love.  No one believes in loving.

“Suck it up princess!”

Yeah thanks.  So I get that this is all a game without rules.  Fuck everybody. I realize it’s about what you take.  I get it.  Lie, cheat, steal, murder, die with more toys.  You made your point. Me or them, right?  Me or you?  Is that what you want?

“Get busy livin’ or get busy dying” (The Shawshank Redemption)

Okay that’s a good one.  But there’s more…

We all write our own stories with our choices.  I want to live a love story.  That’s my ambition, that’s my goal.  So how do I get from here to there? as a poor guy in Surrey without much of a social network?

When I look back at all the dates I have gone on they fall into two categories: Polite conversations between friends that go nowhere, and drunken naked gong shows that go nowhere.

I don’t like to touch people.  Well at the start at least.  I need to get drunk–like really drunk.  I can’t do it otherwise.  Experience requires me to have poor judgement for a bit.  It’s the only way I can connect.  Dating is about forming a bond–even if it is temporary.  I avoid bonds.  I need to get slammed.  And I hate drinking… And people that drink…

I wasn’t really looking forward to dating a bunch of drunk bar bitches… but I should be more sympathetic since this society has fucked them over too.  I guess it’s my turn, right?  That’s who you want me to be?

Do I sound pathetic?  Well that’s strange cause everyone I know goes through times where they feel just as lost as I do.  Where everything sucks. I know you have doubts about life and G_d and him and her.  I know you cry sometimes.  Usually its just a phase and it isn’t all that bad, and I can remind you of that when you come to me for help.  You’re allowed an occasional freak out.  I’m not?  Who are you to call me weak?

But were supposed to fake it.  Pretend we’re happy and confident and loyal and honest… Why?  So that we can go on being part of the social order.  An order of corruption and chaos, pain and suffering, waste and death.  So we can get ours.

The last few months I have been fighting the idea.  I’ve been mourning.  I was in denial.  I thought love was real.  I was angry.  I thought I deserved love.  I’m finally accepting it.  Love is a warm fuzzy feeling–a temporary high.  I’m going to struggle financially for years to come.  I’ll have a shitty job.  I’ll drive a shitty car.   I’ll be judged for it.  I’ll be dismissed.  I’ll be exploited.  I’ll be alone.  Pardon me if I’m not enthusiastic about it.

But then there’s this video…

What made that dog risk its life?  It pulled the other dog inch by inch while under mortal threat because every inch was an inch closer to life.

Is this ignorance? Did the dog just fail to see the danger?

Is it insanity?  A cognitive malfunction caused by a stress or trauma?

Is this weakness?

Is this love?

The video also makes me sad.  You see, I’m the dog that got hit.  I’ve been on that freeway for 30 years and I love dogs because I know no human would risk anything to save me.  Is that dog pathetic?  Both of them?  Would you rather be in a relationship with the people who sit and watch as the poor dog gets hit over and over again?  Why?

A handful have come to the side of the road and asked me what I could do for them if they saved me.  Everyone wishes me well.  They tell me they would help me but they “have to” go on an exotic vacation.  Some say they’ll help me tomorrow…  Some say they’ll help me once I’m at the curb.  When I get to the curb the push me back out into traffic.

The good thing about sitting here in the middle of the freeway is that I’m finally safe from the people on the curb that told me to cross the freeway.

Do You Feel Loved?

Do You Feel Loved?

A party had me on the weekend.  I didn’t go but it was at my house.  My roommate introduced me to three women and even a gay guy.  Two women just sat and stared at me briefly… before I left them as is usual.  One woman made an effort, but only to get in my pants… and if you think I am gay you don’t know me at all.

People tell me they love me all the time.  But as I look back, I find it hard to remember a single moment where I felt loved–then and still–by anyone.  There is so much betrayal, dishonesty, narcissism.

I want to be someone’s #1.  If the world was ending and you had a spaceship that could save yourself and one other, who would it be?  I am absolutely certain that there is no one on earth that would put me in that ship.  Everyone has someone else that gives them more of their childish chemical needs.

“Do you feel loved?”  Love is work.  The people who say they “love” me, always say that right before they ask for something or when they want to make me feel guilty, usually for not giving them something unreasonable.  It’s not their fault really, they just don’t know what love is because they are too busy trying to get something to make them feel better.

So no wonder I shy away from close relationships of any sort.  The chick who thinks my dick is the key to my heart made me think of this U2 song, Do You Feel Loved, and a few poignant lyrics. “And it looks like the sun / But it feels like rain / And there’s heat in the sun / To see us through the rain,”

To answer the question: “Do you feel loved?” you need to know what love is.  I am beginning to think that those that know what love is, always answer “no.”

At the songs end, I always picture two people asking each other, “Do you feel loved?” as the answer to the same question.  Do you feel loved?  Do you?


Do You Feel Loved



Take these hands, they’re good for nothing
You know these hands never worked a day
Take these boots they’re going nowhere
You know these boots don’t want to stray.

You got my head filled with songs
You got my shoelaces undone.
Take my shirt, go on, take it off me
You can tear it up if you can tie me down.

Do you feel loved?
Do you feel loved?
Do you feel loved?

Take the colours of my imagination
Take the scent hanging in the air
Take this tangle of a conversation
Turn it into your own prayer.
With my fingers as you want them
With my nails under your hide
With my teeth at your back
And my tongue to tell you the sweetest lies.

Do you feel loved?
Do you feel loved?
And it looks like the sun
But it feels like the rain, oh.

Love’s a bully, pushing and shoving
In the belly of a woman.
Heavy rhythm taking over
To stick together a man and a woman
Stick together man and a woman
Stick together.

Do you feel loved?
Do you feel loved?

And it looks like the sun
But it feels like rain
And there’s heat in the sun
To see us through the rain.

Do you feel loved?
Do you feel loved?
Do you feel loved?
Do you feel loved?

Lyrics Copyright U2 1997

“And it looks like the sun / But it feels like rain / And there’s heat in the sun / To see us through the rain,”

… but it feels like the rain… does anyone understand?

Quick Sexism Test

Which of the following statements are sexist?

“All the evil in the world is caused by women.”

“All wars are caused by men.”

“Women have no place in politics because they would start wars when they menstruate.”

“Men are stronger than women.”

“On average, men are usually physically stronger than women.”

“One of the causes of violence is a culture that teaches men that dominance is natural and preferable.”

“One of the causes of violence is a culture that teaches people that dominance is natural and preferable.”

“When a couple becomes physically violent, the woman is always to blame.”

“When a couple becomes physically violent, the man is always to blame.”


First, this is a difficult test.  It is aimed at so-called “feminists” who want more for women, which should not be confused with real feminists that work towards equality for men and women.  Some of the questions are “trick questions” deigned to demonstrate the difference between those that attempt to gain from injustice, and those that oppose injustice without prejudice.  I hope you do not get caught up in the arguments of the second wave of feminism that teaches prejudice, stereotypes, segregation (“Sisterhood”), inequality and double standards.

“All the evil in the world is caused by women.” Sexist.  It is a ridiculous statement.

“All wars are caused by men.”  Sexist.  First you would have to list every war, which is impossible, as history is incomplete.  So no one can make this claim with certainty, and this is therefor prejudicial.  Also, I know men that are constantly pressured into things they don’t want to do by their aggressive controlling female partners.  This statement is not factual.  Politics, economics ad relationships are too complex to make any statement beginning with “All wars…” a statement worth listening to.

“Women have no place in politics because they would start wars when they menstruate.”  Sexist.  All women (or men) are not responsible for the behavior of one.  The rest is irrelevant.

“Men are stronger than women.”  Sexist.  Not all men–not all women.  Prejudicial stereotype.

“On average, men are usually physically stronger than women.”  Not sexist.  A true statement that acknowledges in its context that it is a stereotype and not true in all cases.

“One of the causes of violence is a culture that teaches men that dominance is natural and preferable.”  Sexist. See the next answer.

“One of the causes of violence is a culture that teaches people that dominance is natural and preferable.”  Not sexist.  Gender neutral.  (“Men” switched with “people”)

“When a couple becomes physically violent, the woman is always to blame.”  Sexist.  See next answer.

“When a couple becomes physically violent, the man is always to blame.”  Sexist. The dynamics of an individual relationship and incident are too complex to use such generalities.  Who hit who?  Did you automatically assumes the man hit the woman? (sexist)   What if they are both men?  Both women? What if the woman is the abusive one?  What if they are both violent?  “Society” and “men” are not to blame for the actions of one or both.

How did you score?

1-3 /7   You are a sexist.  Sorry.  You can’t seem to see people as individuals and have some irrational or false beliefs about the roles of men and women in society.

4-5 /7  You are still a little sexist, most likely because of cultural or personal influences, but you can usually be fair

6-7 /7 – You are not a sexist.  You apply logic without prejudice, seeing men and women as equally capable of making their own good or bad decisions.

Lefty Man-haters

Here is a wall post from Facebook that is weird, crazy, hilarious and…  What’s that, Darcy Higgins? (Green Party of Ontario Director of Policy and Communications)

Darcy Higgins Am saddened by the actions of violent men in this decade

Yesterday at 4:06pm · Comment · Like

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Dan Mick Why just the men?

Yesterday at 4:07pm ·

Darcy Higgins the ones who thought out and initiated wars were men, perhaps Rice aside

Yesterday at 4:10pm

Dan Mick So you are okay with, or glad, about the actions of violent women? Is tomorrow’s status going to be that you are “saddened by the actions of violent black people in this decade” ? No? What about “violent Jews”? No? “Gays?” No? Then why do you think it is okay to put “men”?

I am offended–singling out “men” is sexism. Try: “…saddened by the actions of violent people…”

Yesterday at 4:31pm ·

Mark Fernandez these violent actions will cause sadness in our communities and must be overcome. mobilization through unbiased education is key for a start towards a true peace in our world on a macro level and it starts on a micro level in the communities we live in.

Yesterday at 4:40pm

Harry Pedersen Mr Mick is quite right in his post.

Yesterday at 5:17pm

Angela Read Unfortunately, the stats .overwhelmingly. show the actions of men as violent. Just saying…now don’t throw anything at me. <runs>

Yesterday at 5:29pm

Susan Gapka An ‘ism’ operates when a specific identifiable group, experience disadvantage based upon a personal characteristic (women). For example, men are privileged through ‘patriarchy’ (the rule of men) and exploit women through ‘sexism’. Therefore, a claim of sexism against men cannot be supported and its claim may itself be sexist.

Happy Holidays!

Yesterday at 6:04pm

Kris M. Agard AWWW that hurt…Rice?…What she did?

Yesterday at 6:30pm

Kris M. Agard that was very deep Susan, well said

Yesterday at 6:34pm

Gordon Chamberlain Actually some men will opress any man, woman or child that they can. They are not selective in the application of ruthless, murderous greed. The petroleum and coal corporations are not selective in who planet they are destabilising the climate off.

Yesterday at 7:15pm

Brendan Pinto Not all isms follow that rule. What about jism?

Yesterday at 7:26pm

Asif Rahman The attacks on the innocent lives – more specifically those of hot alien warrior babes – of Pandora was totally uncalled for. I mean where on Earth would those idiots find such gorgeous women?

Yesterday at 8:23pm

Dan Mick Sorry Susan, did you just say sexism can’t happen against men? Ever? And that I am a sexist because Darcy innacurately and unfairly singled out men in an attempt to impress some girl? You paid for your education, Susan?

“Isms” exist where one single person is persecuted. A racist comment is racist no matter what race says what to whoever.. same with sexism. Sociology has nothing to do with it–that’s just your left wing victim mentality looking for a big powerful enemy conspiracy (of men). Don’t forget the victims in your rush to blame men for whatever unhappiness you have.

And patriarchy doesn’t give me any privileges… If I am going to be labeled as an evil sexist man–simply because I am a man, shouldn’t I get some of the privileges? I want a refund.

Yesterday at 9:17pm ·

Dan Mick Actually, Gordon, some women will opress any man, woman or child that they can–I’ve known some.

You wouldn’t say “some black’s attack children…” without expecting to be called a racist. So stop slagging men, when INDIVIDUALS from both sexes, all races, nationalities, languages and sexual orientations and lifestyles, are equally capable of disgusting brutality.

Yesterday at 9:22pm ·

Asha Philar Thanks for posting this Darcy! You’re one of the good ones for trying to keep other men accountable for their actions 🙂

Hope you had a great Christmas and are doing well, wherever you are

Yesterday at 10:17pm

Rudi Budiarto So what is the source or cause of violence?

Yesterday at 11:16pm

Dave Blair Some spirited dialogue – violence, oppression and control of others for personal gain/power are common and problematic in our societies. Beyond that they are never of any redeeming value. That is a central belief a lot of people share, but in efforts to change society, prevent violence and create true equality we aggressively adopt the ‘blame game’, who is the worst, and other expressions of things incongruent with a world we can all appreciate, aspire to and/or respect AND are not helpful and reflect continuation of the abuse of power, control and privilege.

There are some good intentions out there and people who care about people, so dividing ourselves in argument about this is counter-productive.

I Know Dan, and share a profession of sorts, and know he does not take this lightly. Change starts with each of us modelling that kind of great respect for all, not condoning abuse and caring for each other. Perhaps ET said it best, “be good”.

If you really want to understand the issue from a empirically validated and best practise perspective – here is a good starting point, internationally accepted and supported

If you want additional info contact me at daveblair at

Yesterday at 11:19pm

Dave Blair Abuse of power, often motivated by control of others for personal gain, indifference to the suffering and needs of others, learned, perpetuated and supported by sociological/cultural factors including parenting, media, politics and the economic system. Exacerbated by the acceptance of violence at many, MANY levels and the lack of a cultural value behind respect and caring for others. Ugly ain’t it?

Yesterday at 11:28pm

Rudi Budiarto So would you say that tiger is more violence or aggresive then say a rabbit? I am wondering if nature play a big role in this behavior. I notice that these days I haven’t seen many people who got badly bitten by dogs because they selectively breed only dogs that is not violence.

Yesterday at 11:40pm

Dan Mick Asha, shouldn’t women be accountable for their violent actions as well? Why just the men?

10 hours ago

(Leave your own comments at the bottom)

I am sure that most of you can label a few of the men and women above as “feminists”.  This real facebook wall post (seriously) demonstrates why I do not, and will never, call myself a “feminist”.

I see in the above exchange, two viewpoints, and then what Dave Blair wrote.  I want a system without prejudice or privilege–equal opportunity for all, and these so-called  “feminists” above, want to permanently label women as helpless victims of men, and label all men as victimizers that owe women some sort of penance and retribution.  That’s controlling behavior… abusive behavior… dominant behavior… feminist behavior???

I always thought feminism was a movement that has gained in some parts of the world a degree of political, social, economic and legal equality to men, and that continues to fight for full equality around the world.  Right?  These are the good feminists.  Every true libertarian is one of these type of real feminists.  I wish real feminists would change their name or sue the man-hating bitches that falsely call themselves feminists.  I hope they feel better about their own selfish controlling behavior as they blame men for the same crimes.

The so-called “feminists” above, like Darcy, don’t want equality at all.  They want to create injustices as payback for other injustices.  They want to sit on a throne pointing at all the evil-doers, as their ego feels a sense of purpose and superiority.  No thanks.  You don’t create utopia that way, you create nightmares, resentment, hatred, corruption, violence and sexism.  That is the road to power–not healing.

Many men have done many terrible things–I know personally.  The statistics from last year say that murders involving no men whatsoever (woman on woman) only comprise a few percent of the total murders.  But that was last year (And the year before, and the year before…).  But, next year everyone has the ability to make better choices and should not be prejudged.

My perspective is one of individuality.  Theirs? Collectivism (lefty weirdness).  The lefties can’t separate the individual from the group.  For instance, everything bad a man does to a woman is done to all women.  The good is always an isolate incident by “one of the (few) good ones”.  If that’s not prejudice…

I am sorry that men have hurt you Darcy, Susan, and Asha, but don’t blame me and even those yet to be born, for what happened to you.  No amount of anger or blame will get you anywhere you want to be.  I know about the effects of violence, domination, hierarchy and anger.  Let it all go.

Moving on now…

Why is the Green Party of Ontario Director of Policy and Communications, Darcy Higgins, and the Member at Large for the Ontario NDP Women’s Committee, Susan Gapka making sexist statements? and getting away with it?!  Please admit your error, Darcy and Susan.

Lest We Forget…

November 11th is a day to remember those that have served in their countries’ armed forces in an effort to bring peace to the world.

When I pause in silence with millions around the world who call November 11th Veterans Day, Armistice Day or Remembrance Day, I will be thinking of three of my relatives who fought in wars of the twentieth century: in WWI, WWII, and Korea. They fought in trenches, tanks, and at sea, from Vimy Ridge all the way to the beaches of Normandy. In WWI, my Father’s Father, Sergeant Mervin Harold Mick, a Canadian machine gunner, was wounded in the muddy trenches and fields of France, and  forever walked with a limp, due to the shrapnel in his hip.

To honor the sacrifices of our armed forces, I will wear a red poppy, like the ones growing between the crosses in Flanders Fields in 1915, that signified the bloodshed of WWI’s trench warfare preserved in Canadian Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae’s famous poem In Flanders Fields. To support the troops, I feel the obligation to contribute what I can when I buy a poppy, which is inspired by the poem, knowing that John McCrae may have known my grandfather or past by him in the trenches. I will definitely not break faith with any of those that died.

Much of the criticism of the anti-war movement comes from people who have never served and will never have to serve in the military. What gives a chicken-hawk the right to call me a coward or a traitor because I want to aggressively continue to fight for peace — with peace — in the spirit of those that we remember on this day who also wanted peace? These same hawks advocate starting more unnecessary wars on false pretenses like Vietnam or Iraq.

Taxpayer’s dollars are spent on useless weapons to be used against imagined and exaggerated foes. The money should be going to our veterans, soldiers, sailors, airmen and airwomen.

The growing anti-war movement would never use this day of remembrance for political purposes the way so many war-hawks will. Veterans Day should not be used for saber-rattling or warmongering — the opposite purposes of this day. Citizens and veterans are calling on Presidents, Prime Ministers, Senators, Parliamentarians, and unelected ideologues to support, not only our troops — but also freedom and peace, on this day of remembrance.

I remember from talking with my grandfathers that November 11th was originally chosen to remember the armistice of 1918, which marked the end of WWI, also called “The Great War”. Mervin Harold Mick, if he was still alive, would surely call WWI, and all wars, by another name. Lest we forget, we stand united with our armed forces on November 11th to honor our soldiers by commemorating the end of a war — not the beginning.


One out of the “W5”: Who, What, Where, When, Why; it is the last that first avoided me.  Since I was young, I have asked “Why? Why?Why?Why?” and never would an answer make sense.  It would at the start, but it would always come down to…
…because that’s the way it is…
Why? Fuck! You see?

Usually “the way” is a someone’s way. Our society is built on power structures that were built by neurotic people that have a need to control others for their own amusement or gain.  Our society fails because it was never designed to succeed–it is designed to cater to emotional needs of those in power.  The first to gain power were those most ready to use violence.  Not much has changed since prehistory.

I once heard at a business conference that to get to the root of any business problem you should ask “why?” five times.


“Why are we losing money?”
“Because we keep losing big clients.”

“Why are we losing clients?”
“Because they get frustrated by our shipping.”

“Why are we not shipping correctly?”
“Because the staff are drunk by lunch.”

“Why are they getting drunk at work?”
Because their pay is so low that they feel life is hopeless and and shitty is easier to ignore when intoxicated.”

“Why do I pay so little?”

I still ask “Why?” When it comes to people, you can ask “Why?” five thousand times and still be left wondering.  My last post was from Tony and if you had read it, you would have found the parts that speak of the inevitable end of civilization as we know it and even the theory that civilization itself is unsustainable.

The civilization we have today will indeed not continue, just as the civilization of the 1980’s no longer exists.  Change happens.  We adapt.

Many focus on altering society and our laws–to adapt society to people.  This left-wing idea can only be moderately successful and is entirely dependent on the values of the individuals in that society.

Another approach is to adapt individuals, and their values, to alter society.  This is the conservative approach and the one I favor as being the guiding force for civilization, family, peace, and even love.

Think of the abortion debate, which is a debate of polarized ideologies–an apple telling an orange it isn’t red enough.  One group tries to alter people’s values–to respect life more, while the other argues that the nature of people necessitates the need for legal abortions.

I have always found in my search for “Why?” that I prefer order.  My argument has been been, since childhood, that we can choose differently–we can choose peace, acceptance, love.  When I was at Harold Bishop Elementary School in Surrey at 7 years old, I won a contest where we had to design a recycling poster.  Mine read, “The choice is yours.”

There is no limitation whatsoever that can overcome human will.  A group of righteous people can absolutely create a near utopian society.  Any arguments against can be overcome with, “Righteous people will not make those choices.”

Can civilization be saved?  Can we be saved?  Why save either?  Let’s build something better.

Tony Isn’t Stupid

Here is a great post from Tonyisnt about philosophy, society, and life.  Enjoy!

(Please reserve comments for Tony’s blog)