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Carole James Resigns

Ding dong the bitch is gone! I always liked BC NDP Leader Carole James’ resume.  I liked her less than I liked her resume.  She sounded like exactly the kind of person we would want as Premier.   But that was the problem too–she’s trying to be someone.

Carole James is too concerned with validation from all the reasons that she was better than BC Premier Gordon Campbell.   There is a big difference between bitching about the failings of the BC Liberals and having a plan.   The province needs a plan.  Let’s hope we get one from both leadership races.

Now that Carole James is gone, there is still one other politician in BC that has been asked to resign by many respected party members.  The criticisms of Elizabeth May are the same criticisms that plagued Carole James.  Specifically that she is too controlling, power hungry and incompetent to win.  Will Green Party of Canada Leader Elizabeth May resign now that the Greens were almost wiped out in the recent by-elections?

Watch the video about the Pirate Party almost beating the Greens in the by-elections:


Always Truth

I have been accused on more than one occassion of “hurting the Green Party” by criticizing some of the members or employees. To make that claim, one must ignore the facts I present and defend incompetence and dishonesty. Incompetence and dishonesty is what hurts the Party–not trying to correct it. I feel vindicated by the fact that so many are messaging me in agreement.

Speaking the truth is never a bad thing. Only those that stand to lose personnally–like losing a paycheck–need to resort to lies and manipulation to silence those that disagree.

If the Green Party wants to be different, then it needs to act different. Elizabeth May only talks different–which is the same.

The End of the Green Party?

To the past and present members of Green Party of Canada,

I write to you out of great concern.  Without your urgent response, by Monday, the Green Party of Canada may be forever defeated.  Please continue reading to find out how you can help.

Two motions have been brought forth concerning the next General Meeting, specifically about the Constitutionally mandated GPC Leadership contest that must occur in 2010.

A leadership contest is a great way to build the party by recruiting new members and talented volunteers. It puts the spotlight on Green policies and politicians.  It is a good thing for the Party and the green movement.

Elizabeth May is scared of losing her job, and she is trying to stop any Leadership contest scheduled for 2010.  Some are calling one motion a “Leader for life” motion, which would be more accurately called a “leader for death” motion, since it would be the end of many Green’s dreams for democracy–the end of the Green Party in Canada.

FACT: Elizabeth May lied to the membership when she broke the GPC Constitution and the Privacy Act by using the GPC membership lists to send a dishonest personal e-mail regarding two convention resolutions, for her own personal gain.  She had no right to send this e-mail to all members without giving equal opportunity to those that opposed her views on those motions.

The entire e-mail is in reference to motions that personally effect Elizabeth’s job–her power.  She opposes “erod(ing) the Leadership”–so does Stephen Harper.  The e-mail states that she would have to resign if we had a leadership contest–which is absolutely false.  Nothing requires the Leader to step down during a Leadership race.  The issue is whether members have the right to vote on who is best to lead the party from now on.

E May’s e-mail also claims her campaign is going well.  Elizabeth has laid off most of the Organizers across the country and re-tasked the remaining Organizers to her campaign.  As a result, the Green Party of Canada’s membership levels are at historic lows–7900–a loss of over 25%.  Elizabeth May has spent well over $275,000 in Saanich – Gulf Islands and has only signed up 26 new members.  Elizabeth May cannot win if she cannot inspire more than two dozen to become members and volunteers.

The real problem is more that so many quit.  Most of the Greens I have gotten to know in the last four yeas are ex-members–specifically because of the actions of Elizabeth May–actions just like her e-mail, which are partisan and self-serving.

Elizabeth also dishonestly claims that polls show we may elect four Green MP’s.  Which riding-by-riding polls show that, Elizabeth? None.  Its a lie.  If E May thinks we will elect four MP’s in the next election, she needs to tell us what has changed.  We have heard this promise many times before.  If the same people keep doing the same things, the results are likely to be the same.  All evidence points to another failure in SGI.

Elizabeth’s organizational problems are not new.   The Vancouver Center campaign was called the “best chance to elect a Green in Canada” by Elizabeth May and her core team.  Deputy Leader Adriane Carr finished in last place after also spending huge resources.

I saw Adrian Carr’s campaign in Vancouver Center.  It was a handful of people spending buckets of money hiring their expert friends that never performed.  New ideas weren’t tolerated.  There was lots of talk about bad politicians, bad parties, bad corporations, but no one had a clue how to achieve real results, and a year after Elizabeth and her clique took over the party, the countrywide progress and growth seen under Jim Harris ended.  This is a direct result of the Leadership of Elizabeth May.

If you are a current GPC member and want to see our best have a chance to contribute, if you want your voice to count, if you still want to save the world… please vote this Saturday or Sunday against the motion to cancel the Leadership Contest, and vote for the motion upholding the Constitution.

To any that still support Elizabeth, despite the overwhelming evidence of her total failure and dishonesty, please vote for her during the scheduled Leadership contest and allow those that disagree to vote for someone who can make a real difference–not just talk about doing it.

When you cast your vote for the next Leader, I hope it is for someone who would make it a criminal offense for politicians to lie like Elizabeth May did.

Daniel Mick


What’s Wrong With Politics? Part 4: The Devil is a Partisan

Why are politicians and voters afraid stand up to gangs? I am sick of gangs. I’m sick of gang leaders, gang members, and every other aspect of political parties ; )

Political parties are assumed to be people united around common values or policies, and the Hell’s Angels are a club of motorcycle enthusiasts–which is true–just as it is true that people with similar interests form gangs to get control of a geographical, demographical or ideological area.

Canada’s political system is built on the idea that people in a given area select a representative for their interests. These representatives have a duty to represent the government, and the views of experts and community leaders to the people, and to represent the views of the people, and the views of community leaders and experts to the government. It is impossible to facilitate this two-way communication if the first loyalty of the member of elected office is to a political party, and all communication goes through the filter of what is best for a political party.

The partisan serves not the people, but the devil within–the ego. It is fear that people seek to quell with control. But the devil within is never satisfied and the ego now has more to fear losing. Those in fear run and hide and create separation. Great leaders stand firm, seek and create unity.

What about our own loyalty to political parties? Look at this undeniable statement of truth from comedian Chris Rock, “Anyone who makes up their mind before hearing the issue is an idiot.” Political parties, and their Leaders, ask us to do just that, and they ask us to do it for the benefit of “the Party” they dominate. Only the Leader’s ego gains by allying with those with different policies against those with the same.

Loyalty to people, or organizations of people, is itself a disgusting principle. One can be loyal to values, or to people. The time will come when a person who asks for your loyalty will betray your values and you will have to choose between the two. Most people choose what the devil within us, convinces us is best.

The ego has no patience and the devil wants us to believe that the shortest path to happiness is to betray our beliefs, faiths, and conscious. How will the love, recognition, and acceptance we all crave come from this betrayal of values for the temporary alliance with one–against another?

While our material concerns are often conflicting, our happiness comes from identical places. When we can realize the similarities of our desires and world views, the emotional vampires that seek to steal happiness from us and each other lose their fangs.

Beware of anyone who points a finger at another person or group and says “That’s the problem, so give me ______”, for that person is usually looking in a mirror. Never underestimate the ego’s ability to find its flaws in others and attack them viciously for personal, emotion gain.

Mohandas Gandhi said, “Pure goals can never justify impure or violent action…They say the means are after all just means. I would say means are after all everything. As the means, so the end….If we take care of the means we are bound to reach the end sooner or later.”

If the means are control–the end is control, and I will no longer follow cowards.

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Vote for Sharon? Anyone?

Acting Executive Director of the Green Party of Canada is in a huff over my formal request for Sharon Labchuk to resign. She sent this message to the Federal Council:

“Please ignore this bs coming from Dan Mick. His comments are not based in fact and therefore completely without relevance. Responding will only encourage a continuation of this approach which Dan is not alone in pursuing.
Thank you.
Maureen Murphy”

My reply was:

Maureen, what have I said that is not factual? Please do not attempt to silence differing opinions with veiled profanity and libelous statements that do not include any facts themselves.”

Her next reply was a little more cordial:

… Staffing decisions are not made this way at the GPC. Nor will they ever be.
Thank you for your comments, but they have little relevance as previously stated.”

So I brought out the big guns of logic:

” Councilors,

I am yet again surprised that while there has been a sudden increase in hits on my blog calling for Sharon to resign, the vote is now 24-1 in favor of her removal. If Sharon has so much support on Council and among members, why don’t those supporters go to my blog and vote in support of her? Out of 171 viewers, only one has voted to support her? That has “relevance”, Maureen.

I ask that you all vote in the anonymous poll at the link (below), and we will see the result shortly

Dan Mick”

If staffing decisions are “not made this way”–which means in a way that is accountable to members–how are they made? If I am “not alone in pursuing (the removal of Sharon Labchuk)” shouldn’t that count for something? Who elected Maureen to trump the desires of the vast majority of the GPC membership?

I anxiously await the inevitable removal of Sharon Labchuk and the growth that Greens will see shortly after…

If Jesus was the Leader of a Political Party…

If Jesus was the Leader of a political party he would act in accordance to his teachings. He would love, give and forgive. He would be honest, peaceful and fair. He would not judge individuals, but instead put their actions on trial.

If Jesus was the Leader of a political party, he would judge the strength of the economy by how many were fed, sheltered and employed–not by the profits of corporations or by the volume of material possessions sold. His speeches would remind us that “he who dies with the most toys”–lived the life of a spoiled child.

If Jesus was the Leader of a political party, in times of economic woes he would ask the rich to assist the poor that worked so hard to make them wealthy. Only a tyrant would ask the poor to suffer through hard times while the rich continued to enjoy tax breaks

If Jesus was the Leader of a political party he would uphold the commandments and lead honest debate. He would prove his views and be a living example. He would not rule by power, aggression, fear or deceit, as so many politicians do.

If Jesus was the Leader of a political party he would preach that using the earth to survive is just, while raping the earth with unsatiable greed is forbidden by the tenth commandment–the one about coveting.

If Jesus was the Leader of a political party, his views would be the polar opposite of any neo-conservative platform or Leader.

If Jesus was the Leader of a political party, he would be unlike any politician. He would have my vote.