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Carole James Resigns

Ding dong the bitch is gone! I always liked BC NDP Leader Carole James’ resume.  I liked her less than I liked her resume.  She sounded like exactly the kind of person we would want as Premier.   But that was the problem too–she’s trying to be someone.

Carole James is too concerned with validation from all the reasons that she was better than BC Premier Gordon Campbell.   There is a big difference between bitching about the failings of the BC Liberals and having a plan.   The province needs a plan.  Let’s hope we get one from both leadership races.

Now that Carole James is gone, there is still one other politician in BC that has been asked to resign by many respected party members.  The criticisms of Elizabeth May are the same criticisms that plagued Carole James.  Specifically that she is too controlling, power hungry and incompetent to win.  Will Green Party of Canada Leader Elizabeth May resign now that the Greens were almost wiped out in the recent by-elections?

Watch the video about the Pirate Party almost beating the Greens in the by-elections:

Elizabeth May On Quantum Buddha’s Blog Animated Show

Elizabeth May’s cartoon double (that looks like Sarah Palin) was on my blog show tonight answering questions about the Green Party of Canada and her leadership. This is my first video effort and I’m only using the free online version of the software. It has limitations. Enjoy the video. Booya!


For entertainment purposes only… lmao

Lefty Man-haters

Here is a wall post from Facebook that is weird, crazy, hilarious and…  What’s that, Darcy Higgins? (Green Party of Ontario Director of Policy and Communications)

Darcy Higgins Am saddened by the actions of violent men in this decade

Yesterday at 4:06pm · Comment · Like

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Dan Mick Why just the men?

Yesterday at 4:07pm ·

Darcy Higgins the ones who thought out and initiated wars were men, perhaps Rice aside

Yesterday at 4:10pm

Dan Mick So you are okay with, or glad, about the actions of violent women? Is tomorrow’s status going to be that you are “saddened by the actions of violent black people in this decade” ? No? What about “violent Jews”? No? “Gays?” No? Then why do you think it is okay to put “men”?

I am offended–singling out “men” is sexism. Try: “…saddened by the actions of violent people…”

Yesterday at 4:31pm ·

Mark Fernandez these violent actions will cause sadness in our communities and must be overcome. mobilization through unbiased education is key for a start towards a true peace in our world on a macro level and it starts on a micro level in the communities we live in.

Yesterday at 4:40pm

Harry Pedersen Mr Mick is quite right in his post.

Yesterday at 5:17pm

Angela Read Unfortunately, the stats .overwhelmingly. show the actions of men as violent. Just saying…now don’t throw anything at me. <runs>

Yesterday at 5:29pm

Susan Gapka An ‘ism’ operates when a specific identifiable group, experience disadvantage based upon a personal characteristic (women). For example, men are privileged through ‘patriarchy’ (the rule of men) and exploit women through ‘sexism’. Therefore, a claim of sexism against men cannot be supported and its claim may itself be sexist.

Happy Holidays!

Yesterday at 6:04pm

Kris M. Agard AWWW that hurt…Rice?…What she did?

Yesterday at 6:30pm

Kris M. Agard that was very deep Susan, well said

Yesterday at 6:34pm

Gordon Chamberlain Actually some men will opress any man, woman or child that they can. They are not selective in the application of ruthless, murderous greed. The petroleum and coal corporations are not selective in who planet they are destabilising the climate off.

Yesterday at 7:15pm

Brendan Pinto Not all isms follow that rule. What about jism?

Yesterday at 7:26pm

Asif Rahman The attacks on the innocent lives – more specifically those of hot alien warrior babes – of Pandora was totally uncalled for. I mean where on Earth would those idiots find such gorgeous women?

Yesterday at 8:23pm

Dan Mick Sorry Susan, did you just say sexism can’t happen against men? Ever? And that I am a sexist because Darcy innacurately and unfairly singled out men in an attempt to impress some girl? You paid for your education, Susan?

“Isms” exist where one single person is persecuted. A racist comment is racist no matter what race says what to whoever.. same with sexism. Sociology has nothing to do with it–that’s just your left wing victim mentality looking for a big powerful enemy conspiracy (of men). Don’t forget the victims in your rush to blame men for whatever unhappiness you have.

And patriarchy doesn’t give me any privileges… If I am going to be labeled as an evil sexist man–simply because I am a man, shouldn’t I get some of the privileges? I want a refund.

Yesterday at 9:17pm ·

Dan Mick Actually, Gordon, some women will opress any man, woman or child that they can–I’ve known some.

You wouldn’t say “some black’s attack children…” without expecting to be called a racist. So stop slagging men, when INDIVIDUALS from both sexes, all races, nationalities, languages and sexual orientations and lifestyles, are equally capable of disgusting brutality.

Yesterday at 9:22pm ·

Asha Philar Thanks for posting this Darcy! You’re one of the good ones for trying to keep other men accountable for their actions 🙂

Hope you had a great Christmas and are doing well, wherever you are

Yesterday at 10:17pm

Rudi Budiarto So what is the source or cause of violence?

Yesterday at 11:16pm

Dave Blair Some spirited dialogue – violence, oppression and control of others for personal gain/power are common and problematic in our societies. Beyond that they are never of any redeeming value. That is a central belief a lot of people share, but in efforts to change society, prevent violence and create true equality we aggressively adopt the ‘blame game’, who is the worst, and other expressions of things incongruent with a world we can all appreciate, aspire to and/or respect AND are not helpful and reflect continuation of the abuse of power, control and privilege.

There are some good intentions out there and people who care about people, so dividing ourselves in argument about this is counter-productive.

I Know Dan, and share a profession of sorts, and know he does not take this lightly. Change starts with each of us modelling that kind of great respect for all, not condoning abuse and caring for each other. Perhaps ET said it best, “be good”.

If you really want to understand the issue from a empirically validated and best practise perspective – here is a good starting point, internationally accepted and supported


If you want additional info contact me at daveblair at shaw.ca

Yesterday at 11:19pm

Dave Blair Abuse of power, often motivated by control of others for personal gain, indifference to the suffering and needs of others, learned, perpetuated and supported by sociological/cultural factors including parenting, media, politics and the economic system. Exacerbated by the acceptance of violence at many, MANY levels and the lack of a cultural value behind respect and caring for others. Ugly ain’t it?

Yesterday at 11:28pm

Rudi Budiarto So would you say that tiger is more violence or aggresive then say a rabbit? I am wondering if nature play a big role in this behavior. I notice that these days I haven’t seen many people who got badly bitten by dogs because they selectively breed only dogs that is not violence.

Yesterday at 11:40pm

Dan Mick Asha, shouldn’t women be accountable for their violent actions as well? Why just the men?

10 hours ago

(Leave your own comments at the bottom)

I am sure that most of you can label a few of the men and women above as “feminists”.  This real facebook wall post (seriously) demonstrates why I do not, and will never, call myself a “feminist”.

I see in the above exchange, two viewpoints, and then what Dave Blair wrote.  I want a system without prejudice or privilege–equal opportunity for all, and these so-called  “feminists” above, want to permanently label women as helpless victims of men, and label all men as victimizers that owe women some sort of penance and retribution.  That’s controlling behavior… abusive behavior… dominant behavior… feminist behavior???

I always thought feminism was a movement that has gained in some parts of the world a degree of political, social, economic and legal equality to men, and that continues to fight for full equality around the world.  Right?  These are the good feminists.  Every true libertarian is one of these type of real feminists.  I wish real feminists would change their name or sue the man-hating bitches that falsely call themselves feminists.  I hope they feel better about their own selfish controlling behavior as they blame men for the same crimes.

The so-called “feminists” above, like Darcy, don’t want equality at all.  They want to create injustices as payback for other injustices.  They want to sit on a throne pointing at all the evil-doers, as their ego feels a sense of purpose and superiority.  No thanks.  You don’t create utopia that way, you create nightmares, resentment, hatred, corruption, violence and sexism.  That is the road to power–not healing.

Many men have done many terrible things–I know personally.  The statistics from last year say that murders involving no men whatsoever (woman on woman) only comprise a few percent of the total murders.  But that was last year (And the year before, and the year before…).  But, next year everyone has the ability to make better choices and should not be prejudged.

My perspective is one of individuality.  Theirs? Collectivism (lefty weirdness).  The lefties can’t separate the individual from the group.  For instance, everything bad a man does to a woman is done to all women.  The good is always an isolate incident by “one of the (few) good ones”.  If that’s not prejudice…

I am sorry that men have hurt you Darcy, Susan, and Asha, but don’t blame me and even those yet to be born, for what happened to you.  No amount of anger or blame will get you anywhere you want to be.  I know about the effects of violence, domination, hierarchy and anger.  Let it all go.

Moving on now…

Why is the Green Party of Ontario Director of Policy and Communications, Darcy Higgins, and the Member at Large for the Ontario NDP Women’s Committee, Susan Gapka making sexist statements? and getting away with it?!  Please admit your error, Darcy and Susan.

Am I the Only One…?

Am I the only one who thinks after the catastrophic failure of STV, and the exact same result as last election (except the Greens did worse)… that maybe the progressive movement in BC and Canada should… like… do something different?

In no other decade would Gordo have three-peated.  Pretending that nothing is wrong is a recipe for failure.

Soooooo does anyone got any ideas?  (Cause no one ever likes mine)

Then Blog it!

The list of politicians that I like is very short.  There are more that I support, but these ones are the cream of the crop in my opinion, all for very different reasons.  I hope these leaders will post the long version of their vision for politics in their blogs or the comment section.

Andrea Reimer The genius that thinks that MMP will pass next election must have a hell of a plan up her sleave…

Drina Read:  I love you, Drina.  What do we need to do as a society right now?

Garth Turner:  One day I will be amoung a select crowd chanting your name before a leadership vote.  So how do we get from here to sustainability?

Marc Emery: Any predictions before being shipped off to a US prison?

Matthew Good:  Your blog rocks.  Help us out.  These politicians have been drinking their own Kool-Aid for years.  Give it to us straight, wtf do we do?

Michael Wolfe:  Fuck political parties–how do we get people like you elected?

Election Night Coverage: Liberals Win, Yes-STV Loses, British Columbians Lose

8:00 – Polls close.  I am cautiously optimistic about a victory for British Columbians in Vancouver-False Creek.  My hope is for a victory by BC Green Deputy Leader Damian Kettlewell.

9:15 – My first reaction to CTV’s prediction of a Liberal majority is… disappointment.   I wanted the NDP to win so that we could all be reminded of just how incompetent, dishonest, and beholden to special interests they really are.  My facebook status: “Dan Mick is sad that so many wasted their vote on the Liberals and NDP thinking that either would fix the problems in BC, even though they have each had 8 years to do so, but have each failed”

9:25  Jim Fannon calls from Ontario to find out how the election is going–not well.

9:41  Early results show STV is losing badly with only 40% of the vote.  Not a single riding has reached 60%.  Fuck.

9:54 Carole James is making her speech.  All I hear is bla bla bla, forestry, bla, bla, bla, seniors, bla, bla, bla, democracy (I’m fuming mad) bla, bla, bla…

10:07  The popular vote percentage flashes on the TV screen

Liberals +0%

NDP +0%

Greens -1%

Way to go BC…

10:16  STV support drops to 38%.  Not much will cahnge from here…

10:18  Steve Kisby comments that the one good thing to come out of this election is that a carbon tax (what he calls a green tax) is electable.  Good point.  Looks like the NDP’s ax-the-tax platform got axed.

10:21 The party is already winding down.  There is little to celebrate.

10:40 Gordon Campbell is making his speech about bla, bla, bla.  He also mentioned bla, bla, bla, economy, bla, bla, jobs, bla, bla, bla.

BC is a Democracy?

Since when?  Oh, you mean that if STV passes then there will be democracy?  The NDP?  You mean those lying bastards that made BC’s economy the worst in the country while they handed out millions of taxpayers dollars for “consulting” to the family members of Union bigwigs?  That is not a choice…

On May 12, I am voting for change.  I’m voting for honesty.  I’m voting for the next generation.  I’m voting for a government of the people and for the people.

I will not use my vote to tell the Liberals it is okay to sell the province to Americans for not-so-magic beans, or gut social programs today that will create expensive social problems tomorrow.  I will not vote for poverty and crime and failed policies like prohibition.

I will not tell the NDP it is okay to lie about a carbon tax, STV, or the 1996 and 1997 budgets by giving them my support.  I will not vote for fiascos like the Fast Ferries.

Voting for the Liberals or NDP validates their leadership and encourages more of the same.  Tomorrow, British Columbians will have a choice to vote for a party that has lied, cheated, sold out our Province to special interests, and proven their total incompetance–or vote Green.  Unfortunately, polls do not show a Green victory as likely, but I will not throw away my vote on the BC Liberals or NDP.  I hope you won’t either.

Vote Green.  Vote Yes to STV.  Pray.

BC Leader’s Debate

The debate began with BC Green Party Leader Jane Sterk positioning the Greens as an alternative to the other parties that have screwed up BC for the last twenty years (or more).  Then NDP Leader Carole James attacked Gordon Campbell by saying, “Bla, bla bla… seniors,” to which Campbell replied, “Bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla… economy.”

Then Jane Sterk said that to solve a social problem like crime we need to look beyond jails and cops.  Then Carole James attacked Gordon Campbell by saying, “Bla bla bla, cops, cops, cops,” to which Campbell replied, “Bla bla–jails–bla bla–cops–bla bla–gangs–bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla…”

The Green Party Leader spoke about the sensibility of a carbon tax, but one that is designed better than the Liberals plan, so that our behaviors will actually change.  She also reminded the NDP that a cap-and-trade system will have costs that will also filter down to consumers just like a carbon tax, but that people in other countries will also get rich off of it. Then Carole James attacked Gordon Campbell by saying, “Bla, bla bla unions be afraid of the Liberals,” to which Campbell replied, “Bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla… small business be afraid of the NDP.”

Carole James finished off by attacking Gordon Campbell by saying, “Bla, bla bla,” to which Campbell replied, “I know you are but what am I? Bla bla bla… economy.”  Then I yelled at the TV, “You fucking lying sleezballs have had your chance to deliver on all the promises you have broken!  Shut up already!”

If STV fails, this is also going to be the transcript of the 2014 debate, except that Gordon Campbell will be replaced by Surrey Mayor Diane Watts, Carole James will be replaced by Dawn Black and the Greens will have a Leader that you have actually heard of, unless the whole thing is cancelled because of poor ratings.

Grab This!

Ray Lam, the BC NDP candidate for Vancouver False Creek, has resigned.  Did he embezzle funds?  Break an election promise?  Lie to the voters?  Support an illegal war?  Sell the Province to Americans?  Drink and drive in Maui?  Nope, its even worse–he grabbed a boob in a photo.  = O  omg…  Seriously, where is the scandal?

Mary Mcneil (McNeil), the self-serving BC Liberal politician that can’t even spell her own name correctly in the title of her official campaign page, calls the pictures “offensive and demeaning.”  Really?  Are you offended?   We should all ask ourselves what is worse, a candidate that can’t spell her own name or someone who’s facebook profile shows that they are just like us?

Most of the people I know under 30 have a boob grabbing or sex-simulation picture on the net (or even the real thing)  Do we not count?  Are we not eligible to take part in the political process?  I call on everyone who has ever grabbed a boob, or posted an awesome party pic on the net, to fill Mary’s inbox (info@marymcneil.ca) with “inappropriate” pics (Keep ‘em legal).  Some suggestions for the subject line are “Grab this!” or “The Full McNeily”.

Ray resigned claiming he “stepped down because he does not want to be a distraction in the election.”  The question is: why do the media outlets that have reported on this story want to distract us from the issues?

The fact that the media isn’t showing these pics to us should be an indication that they are not all that offensive.  Shame on the media for pretending this is (national) news, and shame on Carole James for forcing and accepting Lam’s resignation.  Grow a pair Carole! (then post a pic of someone grabbing them to prove it!)

Ultimately, the BC Liberals and the NDP have both said to the voters of Vancouver False Creek that the most important issue they are concerned with is boob grabbing and smearing their opponents.  If residents were polled before this non-news story broke, ZERO respondents would have placed boob grabbing or smearing for political advantage at the top of their list of election issues.  The Liberals and NDP have both made a major blunder by alienating a huge portion of Generation Y and most of Generation X across the province.

This BS is another reason why I am voting Green and Yes to STV.  Another reason to vote Green in Vancouver-False Creek is the outstanding business savy candidate and Green Party of BC Deputy Leader Damian Kettlewell.

NDP Become the Liberals, Liberals Become Conservatives, Conservatives Become NDP, Greens Applaud

It is odd to see America moving left while the the federal Liberals, led by Michael “Torturing Tar Sands” Ignatieff, move to the right of Stephen Harper.  Harper went on CNN recently and said what the NDP has been saying for years, that the insurgency in Afganistan can not be defeated militarily.

Now, both provincially and federally, the NDP are attempting to move to the center, by moving some policies all the way to the right.   WTF is going on?

The NDP is trying desperately to become a “law and order” party, hoping to scoop up undecided voters that often respond to the crime issue.  But will it work?  It is difficult for me to believe that the NDP will differentiate themselves by saying the exact same things as the Liberals and Conservatives.

Both Jack Layton and Carole James are walking away from progressive policies and should be careful not to lose the idealist vote, or progressive non-union voters.  Does the NDP have any credibility as “tough on crime”?  No, they are they better to stick with good progressive policies like ending prohibition and concentrating on harm-reduction, drug treatment, and reducing poverty.

The NDP will undoubtably lose some of its base by being “tough on crime”.  The federal “Conservative” budget, that looks like a BC NDP budget, could cost the CPC some of their base. The pro-war, pro-torture, pro-tar sands stance of Michael Ignatieff will cost the Liberals some of their base.  As the second choice of voters of all parties, maybe the Greens will finally get their breakthrough when the Canadian people see that the dominant ideology of all the old-line parties is “give me power”.

One reason for the success of the Conservative Party of Canada is that there was a united right, with three other parties fighting over the left.  Now three parties are fighting over the center…

Rick Mercer’s Rant

“We are a parliamentary democracy and that system has served us well for 141 years, but clearly, we’ve fallen asleep at the wheel, and if we want to protect our democracy, we have an obligation to wake up and get informed, because quite frankly, our Members of Parliament can’t be trusted with it anymore.” ~Rick Mercer

Our political system is not failing–our politicians and political parties have failed.  We have put our faith in hypocritical leaders that promise the farm and deliver nothing but dirt.

Parliament needs to empower individual members to encourage involvement of independents that can break the partisan gridlock that paralyzes meaningful debate.  A handful of independents with the ability to speak in parliament, and vote in the best interests of their constituents can be an example to Canadians of what politics could be like without special interests dominating the debate.  This would  help keep all the parties honest.