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Dan’s Estimation of the Age of the Universe

As a follow up to my post on the theory of relativity’s implications on the age of the universe and the nature of reality, I am pointing out something that has been bugging me for see time.

How did quasars get 33 billions years away from us in just 13.75 billion years since the big bang is said to have occurred when the god of randomness “created” the universe in violation of the 2nd law of thermodynamics?

Here are two links from Wikipedia as sources:

Big Bang


It is a bit harder to visualize and understand a dynamic relativistic reality but no matter how I look at possible scenarios, I can’t make a 33 billion year old quasar fit into a 13.75 billion year old universe (+/- 100 million years).

If at the time of the big bang, the energy and matter that created our solar system went in the opposite direction as the energy that formed the quasar, both traveling near the speed of light relative to each other, then the light reaching us now cannot be older than the universe. The quasar, regardless of any false impression of its “real age” at any possible position within the expanding event cone, could not appear older than the universe. Period.